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Will They Poisen Our Water With Toxic Waste

There are so many real medical people asking us not to fluoridate our drinking water.
I like this
I like this
The EPA rank and file doctors have gone before Congress and testified that we should NOT have fluoride in our drinking water, here is one leaders who questioned the traditional stance of our medical people. Fluoride is safe and works, says all the same people who told us radiation is no problem, smoking is good for you and PCBs are also no problem. They told us, in the Navy for year, asbestos was a wonderful product and don't worry. It is Time:


There are two people scheduled to give their views on fluoridation on Wednesday at the council gathering. One for and one against, I will be there to support the testimony against the use of fluoride in our drinking water. Will you join me:

0930--Wednesday 29 Aug 2012

I be the old guy with a t-shirt that says:

On the front---RESIGN SAM

On the back----TODAY

"Into the streets, I say------"

PS Adams,fish and the water guy are wearing the tin hats, we are on the majority side saying NO.

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com