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Portland Solidarity Network Needs Your Help With Mass Call-Ins!

The Portland Solidarity Network encourages all of our friends and supporters to help us with mass call-ins this coming Tuesday, August 28th, from Noon to 3pm. We are calling Brian Wannamaker and the offices of the Falcon Art Community, which he owns. The numbers to call are: (503) 701-7016,(503) 914-8883, and (503) 284-5119.

Tuesday, August 28th Noon - 3pm
(503) 701-7016
(503) 914-8883
(503) 284-5119

Friends and Supporters of the Portland Solidarity Network:

As you may have heard, our friend Beth received a check for her deposit only one week after we delivered a demand letter to her former landlord, Brian Wannamaker (see background on Beth's campaign below). Unfortunately, it turned out that Brian sent a bad check! This terrible decision further reveals how little Brian cares about his tenants, but it also reaffirms our commitment to fighting with Beth to get her deposit returned.
We are urging all our friends and fellow workers and tenants to call Brian on Tuesday August 28th at (503) 701-7016 and express their displeasure with his failure to return Beth's deposit. We are asking supporters to call his offices at (503) 914-8883 and at (503) 284-5119 as well. We are encouraging everyone to call him several times and leave several messages. When you call, leave him a detailed voicemail, or give whoever answers the phone a detailed message.

Prompts for calls

Here are some potential questions/topics you may want to include when you call. Feel free to use any, all or none of these suggestions, and don't hesitate to include anything else you think would be appropriate:

-Why are you [Brian] letting tenants live with mold in their apartments?
-Why did you send Beth a bad check?
-Why did you lie about Beth being able to get her deposit back?
-I saw one of your posters on N. Mississippi, and I think what you're doing is terrible!
-Do you have any compassion at all? Do you care at all about your tenants? If you did, you
would return Beth's deposit.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have questions or you want more information. Thanks so much for your help and support,

Portland Solidarity Network - pdxsol.wordpress.com
voicemail: (503) 446-6065
e-mail:  portlandsolidaritynetwork@gmail.com

Campaign Background:

Back in March, Beth moved into an apartment in the Falcon Art Community, which is owned by Brian Wannamaker. Beth quickly realized the apartment was making her extremely sick, and within a month of moving in, she had no choice but to move out. When she initially signed her one-year lease, she was told that if she had to move out before her lease expired due to extreme and/or extenuating circumstances, her deposit would be refunded. Beth figured that her apartment making her sick would qualify as an 'extreme circumstance'. However, when she asked for her deposit back, Brian and his representatives ignored her for a few weeks before finally telling her that they would not return her deposit. Beth initially heard about the Portland Solidarity Network from a co-worker, and when she saw one of our posters on a lamp-post, she gave us a call. We set up a meeting with her, and when she told us her story, we decided to take on her campaign. Together with Beth, we planned the demand delivery, and we intend to continue the campaign until she wins justice! You can watch a video of the demand delivery at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj2kqiDDr7o&feature=youtu.be

homepage: homepage: http://pdxsol.wordpress.com
phone: phone: (503) 446-6065