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The Death of the American Dream

The Death of the American Dream & Breivik
This is very poorly written but I am in a bad place right now!!!
It is important this gets out. Please edit and repost.
They are watching but I am not in the woods right now. So they can only wait and watch.
Compton in the MF house
""Analysis: Europe far right shuns Breivik's acts, flirts with ideas
By William Maclean and Catherine Hornby | Reuters - 12 hrs ago""
Though his talk of an international underground of killers - latter-day Crusaders he called the Knights Templar - seemed to be mere fantasy,

Yeah actually it's not.

I don't know what they call themselves but they have ties throughout local and federal gov. as well as the mexican gang. the zepatas? the northern ones? I dont fucking know. they look like moms side i'll say that.

and they are talking the country down from the inside. And anyone who knows anything about it get killed. make it look like suicide. HST might be a good example. Hard to say.

Anyone who goes along doesn't get killed and gets the work, the benefits.
but then they are making deals with the devil.

what a country.

in a nutshell.

So it just grows and grows based on fear and greed. Yes.

Fear of being murdered. And greed because they know how easy it is to get paid if they just shut up and do as their told. But you know what? I love america. And I'm not interested in going back to fuedal warfare for the next 1000 years.

So go ahead tell anyone you know. It's all winks and nods.
It basically reminds me of a household abuse situation. where everyone keeps quiet, and there is a horrible secret sissy knows. But even if she tells. they just call her crazy and send her to the psych ward where she is medicated to death.
In fact.

They have been using the 'hippies' as cover for the last 30+ years.
And unwittingly the 'hippies' have been doing everything they can to help them
it goes back to the German american 'bund' or pro-facist group.
It operated in America in the 30's before the War. before going underground.

It is a pro-nazi group.

They are the ones who killed JFK.
My cover is a crazy homeless man. And it worked. But now I am done. I quit. I want protection.

and of course if this information doesn't get to the 'good guys' if there are any ---

it is what they will say about me before they lock me up and fake my suicide. I mean. what they would like to do. If they get close enough.

Does that add up?

The end game is a world government according to kissenger after "there is so much chaos in the world people beg for stability." - Charlie rose interview x/x/x

so they are just letting things go bad on purpose.
The hippies get to make lsd in the woods and smoke pot by grace of the mexican gangs who offer them protection. The county wont touch it. they are scared shitless rightly so.

The gangs get turf and money and a huge distribution network of unwitting accomplices.

Once the mexicans get enough turf (they 'own' most of california it would seem)
they will probably shut things down the way they are currently doing in mexico.