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Demonstration at Portland City Hall Regarding Water Fluoridation

Demonstration at Portland City Hall protesting City Council's intention to add fluoride to the pristine Bull Run water. Interviews with many of the well informed and passionate citizens who want this put to a vote. The community has already voted this down three times in recent decades.

About a dozen people came forth to give their views on this subject. They attended the demonstration to make a point to City Council and they welcomed the opportunity to voice their opinion. Many chimed in from the side lines as I finished an interview. All were well educated on the issue of forced fluoridation and all were angry and frustrated with City Council's intention to by-pass the democratic process and mandate our water be fluoridated.

Numerous studies are cited, from EPA and Harvard, for example. The biggest thing I took away from this was the fact that the problem can be solved or mitigated by proper diet and dental hygiene. Fluoride is an attempt at a quick fix, which, as with most quick fixes, creates unintended consequences sometimes more egregious than the original problem.

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