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Looks like the system is starting to break down in Venezuela

All is not well in Venezuela.
Because of lack of investment and Hugo Chavez taking all the money from the oil companies to pay for his social programs the last en years. Chavez now has to resort to rationing gasoline. It is now cheaper to buy oil off of the world market at 100 dollars a barrel than to process there own heavy fuels. Add to this Venezuelans since of entitlements to cheap gasoline and the recent explosion at there biggest refinery and you have a recipe for disaster right before the elections.






All of this points to a serious problem brewing in Venezuela.

give me a break 25.Aug.2012 12:34

Joe Anybody

mainstream typical USA / anti Chaves bullshit

haha "the Miam Hearld" !!??


Fuck Corporate Media!

break down, ha, they're blowing it up 25.Aug.2012 14:59


Just like Cuba, the CIA has been busy as another major oil refinery is sabotaged, killing many. Keep the bloody CIA the hell out of Venezuela.

The system is breaking down everywhere. 26.Aug.2012 06:56

Not that Anon

Keep the CIA/FBI/NSA etc, out of Portland and it's not entitlements that did it. Without entitlements you have the kind of environment that brought Chavez to power in the first place. And given that his rise to power was mostly non-violent that was not a bad thing. When you have large groups of poor, hungry, starving people with nothing to lose, you can either feed them or eventually face revolt. Chavez was smart enough to use that to his advantage. If you say ended what little entitlements we have in this country people would be killing each-other or robbing what they needed to survive unless a leader like Chavez comes along to focus the people's anger into something constructive. Or an even better solution would be a paradigm shift away from a winner take all capitalist system of distributing goods and services.