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PDXABC Monthly open meeting

Last Tuesday, 8/28/12, 6:00pm Red & Black Cafe SE 12th & Oak St.
We have newly screened PDXABC T-shirts! Proceeds go to the anarchist bail fund.... and something else. If you want to find out what you'll have to come to the meeting. Then again, you could also visit our website, pdxabc.com, and hit the 'follow' button at the top left of the page. Eventually, we will probably be divulging .... it. After the meeting, we will be writing to prisoners. If you are not keen on writing a whole letter, you can sign cards to them, or doodle. Either way, we hope to see you at Red & Black, SE 12th & Oak, on Tuesday from roughly 6-9pm.

homepage: homepage: http://pdxabc.com/