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God Has It In for the GOP- Divine Intervention at the Convention

Feel bad you can't go to Tampa and be heard? Looks like Gaia may have a word or two for The Grand Old Party.
don't fergit 'yer sunscreen!
don't fergit 'yer sunscreen!
You can't make up this stuff. Like Ziggy Marley sings- "It's cosmic".

You Mean,,,,, 24.Aug.2012 18:03

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Mother Earth don't you? The only god I can believe in is one I can actually see and it's this planet. I can see this planet and all that I am comes from it.

Actually 25.Aug.2012 06:00

not a rat

Maybe Gaia just has a word for the occupy losers since the folks in the GOP will be inside, dry and clean, comfortably ignoring their commie asses. It is cosmic, don't ya think?

difference between the GOP convention and Comic-Con 25.Aug.2012 11:18

is that

the people at Comic-Con have a much firmer grasp of reality

@---> "not a rat" 25.Aug.2012 13:30

not Nero

It's people just like you... you and your ignorant apathetic narcissistic 'life in denial' ilk... 'your selfish greed driven self'... who have historically played the part of "fiddling while Rome burned". In fact... it is you people who have 'lit the flames' and then sit back and laugh while people/environment/animals struggle and suffer and the whole planet burns as a direct result of your arrogant and foolhardy reckless WARFARING (some might say "evil"?) ways. You prefer "war-fare" and strife... as opposed to the 'welfare and well-being of others'. I know people like you. You like it when people suffer. You make me sick (literally).

It is people like you who are a plague upon the Earth... you are completely indifferent... you don't care as others suffer and die because of YOUR ACTIONS. You are 'human-excrement' and I hate you. Why are you even on this website? Don't you have some neoconservative blog you can vomit and spew your vileness on?

@ not Nero 25.Aug.2012 14:51

another rat

a lot of us are glad Rome burned. and yes, we'd like to see the current world dominating regime burn as well. this doesn't make us bad people. you need to exert a little effort to understand where we come from. the current world dominating regime does more damage to the world than good. but if you want to pledge your allegiance to this regime in hopes it will care for you, that's your own deal. have fun trying to reform a system that was built against your fundamental interests. i understand completely why you would do these things and here people like me have you at a disadvantage: i understand you, but you are completely ignorant to people outside of your own head.

Hyperventilate Much --> not Nero 25.Aug.2012 15:24

not a rat

Damn son, you should feel a lot better after vomiting up all that hatred. Hating people you disagree with is something I thought was reserved for the right, not the tolerant left. LOL, you squeal like a little pig, are you stomping your feet and holding your breath in your hatred of my existence because I disagree with your politics. Fuck You very much.

Hate Empire, hate Nero, hate the ‘system’ that fuels it. 25.Aug.2012 18:33

not Nero

And yes... I have to say I hold much contempt in my heart for those who knowingly support and uphold a "shitstem" that fuels planetary devastation. Capitalism/Imperialism Kills. I have NO TOLERANCE for people who knowingly kill the Earth and don't care.

Am I wrong to hate those who are responsible for killing the Earth? If so... WHY?

No more "privilege" and "entitlement" issues from people who only hold disrespect for people who are disadvantaged. Why should I not hold anger in my heart for people who 'fan the flames' of war that has the end result of not only 'creating poverty' both worldwide and in this country... but also has the end result of 'creating more war and killing' of innocent people throughout the world?

Hatred breeds hatred. Greedy money-grubbing republican neoconservatives (who achieve and acquire "ill-gotten gains" at the expense of others... through war profiteering and war privatization) are the ones who started the hate with all their nauseating "patriotic" flag waving and push for war— BASED ON LIES. I hate ignorant war-mongers whose (consciences?) don't bother them with all the death and murder that has happened... as a direct result of THEIR ACTIONS.

And no... I'm not a "liberal". I loathe & despise hypocrisy and betrayal. The "two-party-system" is a killing joke.


P.S.— I don't "pledge my allegiance" to any Earth killing regime (despise nationalism). I am a citizen of the Earth First.

Democracy is dead. 07.Sep.2012 19:19


Killing Joke — Democracy  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXZSF13pM-I


You have a choice, we are your voice
Red, blue or yellow.
We will blow away the green $$$$$
Another five lane motorway
(You'll never get a referendum anyway)
Funny handshakes. insider dealing
Et in arcadia. arcadia ego
Backhanders and salamanders
A powerhouse that is morally

I'm sorry democracy is changing
I'm sorry democracy is changing

I'm not a slogan or a badge
Or a cross in the ballot box
Neither values or objectives
You do not represent my deepest
Thoughts and wishes
Education in obsolete skills
Stereotyping and media projection
Industrial psychologists
Plan a campaign that is financed by
Big business $$$$$

You have a choice, we are your voice
Red, blue or yellow.
We will blow away the green $$$$$
Another five lane motorway
(You'll never get a referendum anyway)