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New OBL Tell-All Book by Ex-SEAL Latest Salvo in Pentagon Lie-Fest

Any rational person has to question the whole premise of Bin Laden surviving for a decade under the best of circumstances
will the real Slim Laden please stand up, please stand up....
will the real Slim Laden please stand up, please stand up....
2003     before 'Just For Men'?
2003 before 'Just For Men'?
no way these two photos are of the same person    NO WAY Jose'!
no way these two photos are of the same person NO WAY Jose'!
Fat OBL. Skinny OBL. OBL wearing gold. OBL with viagra and loose women and porno. A new book called "No Easy Day" by an ex-Navy SEAL team member purports to tell the inside story of the alleged raid to kill Bin Laden. Supposedly the Pentagon is "angry" with the author for revealing classified information. What a joke. The very premise of this book and the subsequent manufactured bogus 'controversy' reveal yet another lame attempt to convince people that OBL was actually kiled and disposed of in that raid. The raid which took place, incidentally, right down the street from the very West Point of Pakistan, in a mansion. They said he was on Viagra, watching porno and having orgies with his latest 'wife'. All this for a guy dying of kidney failure a decade ago. A sunken-cheeked dialysis-daily kind of guy. Who improves from THAT? Strange too how he was reported killed in most Oriental newspapers soon after the Tora Bora attacks a decade ago. It's hard to believe they didn't keep him on ice all these years, waiting for the right oppurtunity to make his corpse of some real use. It's all part of the continuing 911 coverup attempts, as lame as they seem to be. And the idea that the Pentagon is upset over this book is the hardest pill to swallow of all.

Osama bin Laden was a CIA puppet and Al Qaeda are CIA/NATO mercenaries. 12.Mar.2013 23:26

Al Qaeda is CIA

Osama bin Laden was an agent and a puppet of the CIA. Osama bin Laden died in Afghanistan during the winter of 2001-2, and the posthumous videos and audios attributed to Osama bin Laden are forgeries produced by the CIA. The Abbottabad raid by the US Navy Seals was a hoax.

Al Qaeda is a group of international mercenaries who are organized, funded, and directed by the CIA and NATO to conduct assassinations, false-flag attacks, and phoney insurgencies or "revolutions" in an effort to destabilize nations and overthrow governments that are targeted by the CIA and NATO. Al Qaeda mercenaries have served NATO and the CIA in the Balkans (Kosovo, etceteras), against Gaddafi in Libya, and now against Assad in Syria.

In the aftermath of the CIA-supported "Jasmine Revolution" in Tunisia, that country has become a staging ground for the NAT0/CIA-led mercenaries; recently 132 NAT0/CIA mercenaries carrying Tunisian passports or identifications were killed in Syria.
 link to www.4thmedia.org


The African Embassy Bombings; the USS Cole bombing; the 9/11 attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon; the Bali, Madrid, and London 7/7 bombings; and the Mumbai 2008 attack were all perpetrated by the CIA, in collusion with its agents and its allies. Since 9/11/2001, the FBI in the USA and the MI5 and MI6 in the UK have provocateured many "terrorist plots" which exploited naive and incompetent Moslem youths as patsies. The "War on Terrorism" is actually a US/NATO/Israeli war of aggression for dominance and control of the resource-rich Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.