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VIDEO.. Edited footage from NATO demonstrations

It took me a very long time to finally edit and get it out and here is the VIDEO I've edited I took when I was in Chicago for the NATO demonstrations, I learned sooo much on this trip, both about Occupy, organizing, video journalism, and why I need to wear a helmet.
Next time I hope to have more footage that shows also interviews with actions to better explain WHY these things are happening and of people speaking truth to power. Plus I want to get stuff out faster and have some ideas on how to do that now. Thank you Occupy Chicago and all others involved for all the wonderful organizing and inviting me to your city.

5-18-12 Chicago NATO demonstrations Fridays footage edited.


5-19-12 Chicago NATO demonstrations, Saturdays footage edited. sat,part1


5-19-12 Chicago NATO demonstrations,Saturdays footage edited, sat,part2


5-19-12 Chicago NATO demonstrations, Saturdays footage edited. sat,part3


5-20-12 Chicago NATO demonstrations Sunday's footage edited