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Military Eugenics

The Moors ...You Remember?
So? ...Anyway!

The Best I can Surmise from all of the Recent U.S. Psychological Operations taking place within U.S. Borders, Borders on the Following:

Just like the Invasion of the Moors across Europe, certain factions of the Military that have Seized the Power Structure of the United States are engaged not only in the Plans for Population Reduction through the Use of Electronic Harassment and Sleep Deprivation to induce more Serious Health Implication on the weak, poor, indigent Populations, They are Also Trying to Impregnate the Female Population with Soldier DNA to Alter the Entire Race toward a Society Sympathetic to Security and Police State Totality.

I Conclude this with the Statements of the Political Candidate that "Quote - Un-Quote!" mis-spoke about a Woman's Right to an Abortion in the Case of a "Quote - Un-Quote" Legitimate Rape, and the Fact that My Cousin, Also Listed in the 2012 Media Subversion List was Forcibly Raped by Military Personnel while at Employment of KCRA Channel 3 in Sacramento, Ca. And, Subsequently Forced to bring the Pregnancy to Term through Coercion and MK-ULTRA Mind Manipulation Techniques.

As My Life has also been Compromised by Similar Psychological Warfare and Economic Disablement, I'm am in little Position Other than to Inform You about it.


On to the Introduction of "Bath Salts" and the Rash of Nude/Naked Men jumping up and down on Cars, and Murdering People. Bath Salts are the "Media" Cover for People seemingly Going Off like Human Hand Grenades. By having Something to Represent to the Society's Human Psyche, All such incidence are quickly explained away as Narcotic Effects of a Mis-Understood Substance and/or the "Oh! They Must Just Be Crazy!" ... scenario to discredit and dilute any Public Disclosure of Their Operations.

And this is Where Our James Holmes, Moses Trotter's, and Jason Russell's are Coming From. They have All been Attacked with Psychological Operation Techniques that not only involve the Administration of Narcotic Substances into Water Supplies, but also surreptitiously through Food Contamination in the Target Victim's own Dwellings. If you don't Think they have the Man Power and Resource Agents to Carry out such Operations? ...You would be Wrong.

And, That's where the "Masturbation" Comes in. They are using this along with Psychological Operations to Emasculate the Dissident, Free Thought, Whistle-Blower, Environmentally Sensitive Liberal Thinkers, and using "Masturbation" whether Public or Otherwise to De-Legitimize those Traits from Public Influence by Self Elimination, and Public Ridicule.

Literally, taking anyone Who Has a Significant Leadership Role, Voice, Audience, or Level of Influence through Communications, Web, Notoriety or Otherwise, and Physically Impregnate Any or All Subjects of Romantic Interest with Military/Security Infrastructure DNA by Force of Physical Rape, or the Introduction of Mind Control Techniques and Psychological Operations.


If You Think that the Mind Control Techniques that can Make a Grown Man Masturbate, almost on Command, are Any Less effective in Inducing a Female Through Subliminal or Forced Coercion to Perform Sex Acts. You would also, Again, be Wrong.


The Military Personnel Involved in this "Clique" Often Refer to Themselves as "First Responders"

They are Usually All former Military/Police/Security Forces that have Heavily Infiltrated All Likes of Fire/Medical and Police Uniforms. It also Involves Heavy Collusion with the Aryan Brotherhood and Prison Gangs that Are Sympathetic Through Favors, White Power and the Drug Trade.

They are Using their Influences to Ensure that they Are in the "Inside" Loop to a Ideologically Depraved Socialized Society that Only Rewards those who would Carry Out Their Madness.


And, This is What We Are Dealing With.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes


Alex Jones - Tim Ware Actor/Clone


Alex Jones Responds in "Two-Talk" to the Above Tape.

Citing "A Leak" and Threat to "The Butterflies" AKA MK-ULTRA Programmed Females known as "Monarchs" The Same Media People that taught me Two-Talking and Metaphor Languages.


Alex Jones - And "Bath Salts"

Comedy Delivery - But 100% Percent Serious Message.


MK Mind Control - And Murder Suspect Moses Trotter