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VIDEO: Cascadia Welcomes Post-Master General Patrick Donahoe With Protest (Report-Back)

What a nice morning welcome for PMG Pat Donahoe, who is closing post offices, cutting workers, and shaving away at weekday mail delivery. Jamie Partridge, lead organizer of the rally, recieved the support of Portland Jobs With Justice as well as many community members. Local media surprisingly covered it, and word is that Donahoe heard the message from inside.
StreetNews Report:

Patrick Donahoe, the Post Master General, made a visit to the Vancouver, WA Hilton Hotel today (8/21) to attend a Postal Carrier Convention and meet with the public. A Portland "Save Americas Postal Service" organization called Portland Communities and Postal Workers United had planned for his visit, and welcomed him with a protest. Donahoe, being head of the US Postal Service, has implemented deep cuts and closures to postal services and communities across the nation are standing up to it.

Video Link:

Cascadia Welcomes Post-Master General Patrick Donahoe With Protest

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