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Settlement in Camping Lawsuit

camping lawsuit settlement 40,000 bucks for mistake

Oregonians article:  link to www.oregonlive.com

Street Roots article:

[repost] With their expected approval on Wednesday, City Council will seal the deal on a four-year lawsuit against the city's anti-camping ordinance and its impact on homeless people.

It's been months since the city announced an camping lawsuit had been reached, but the city only released the terms of the agreement this weekend. The case had been pending in federal court since 2008.

The plaintiffs all homeless men and women at the time sued the city for property damage and civil rights violations by the Portland Police Bureau. They were represented by the Oregon Law Center. The monetary terms are inconsequential: the city has agreed to pay $3,200 in damages among the nine plaintiffs. In lieu of attorney fees, the city will pay $37,000 to the Portland Housing Bureau to fund rental assistance programs. [more]

Divided by Nine? 21.Aug.2012 10:49

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

$3200 divided by nine? $355 per person? That's insulting.