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Brachfield Law Group Garnishes Senator's Paycheck In A Case Of Mistaken Identity

Brachfield Law Group made a classic collections blunder-attempting to collect a debt from the wrong person. In this case, however, the "wrong" person was a senator!
The collections industry is out of control.

Stories abound of collectors posing as police officers, of fake lawsuits, of spoofed caller id causing people to think child protective services is on the phone, and, of course, endless harassing phone calls all hours of the day and night.

The Brachfield Law Group is one of the worst offenders by far.

In a case of mistaken identity, they went so far as to garnish a senator's paycheck!

This egregious action has called for sweeping reforms of the collections industry. In addition to obvious things like better matching of debts and debtors, there are also calls for prohibitions on hiring convicted criminals as collectors as well as the improper use of credit database such as Experian as skiptracing tools.

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