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Montavilla Pancake Breakfast

We are having a pancake breakfast fundraiser this Saturday to help raise funds to open our community co-op in Montavilla!
2nd Annual Pancake Breakfast to Benefit Montavilla Food Co-op

The aroma of pancakes coming off the griddle and fresh brewed coffee is in the air this summer as Montavilla Food Co-op gears up for their Second Annual Pancake Breakfast Buffet.

Last year's breakfast was so popular that event volunteers couldn't keep up with the demand for the delicious pancakes. This year, a buffet style breakfast will enable the Co-op to serve more folks in a friendly community centered event. Generous portions of great food, including Bob's Red Mill gluten free and vegan pancakes with real Vermont maple syrup will be served alongside freshly brewed organic coffee, juice, breakfast meats and veggie 'meats.' There will also be local live music performances, a kids' play area for the little ones, and a raffle.

Thanks to the generous support of Bob's Red Mill, Equal Exchange (grower and employee owned) and many other business and community sponsors, Montavilla Food Co-op is able to engage the area's diverse community during fun and family friendly events such as this. Owned by its members, the Co-op is working together to make healthful, local and organic food available close to home all year long, create healthy, equitable jobs and support our local economy. Montavilla Food Co-op means good food for a great neighborhood.

Event Details:
Saturday, August 25th
9am - 1pm
Montavilla United Methodist Church
232 SE 80th ave
$10 adults, $5 kids - Join the Co-op and your meal is free!

homepage: homepage: http://www.montavilla.coop