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Cascadians Against Coal formed!

Cascadians Against Coal organization kicks off.
Cascadians Against Coal is an organization for inhabitants of Pacific Northwest who oppose coal export and extraction.

We believe that legal efforts to prevent coal export will ultimately due to the massive amount of money involved, the interstate commerce clause, and the dependence of the industrial system on fossil fuel.

We must mobilize as a bioregion and take to the streets to prevent our home from being a major source of toxic carbon that poisons the earth and all its living creatures.

for more info go to:


or contact  sebastianfourier@riseup.net

Synergize 20.Aug.2012 21:28

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

Be sure to be in touch with & stay connected with extant groups working on the same thing in varied ways. Beyond Coal/Vancouver WA is very active, for example.