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Video: Portland Interview Regarding GM Workers Hunger Strike in Colombia

Portland Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," featuring an interview with John Walsh, local member of Witness for Peace. John speaks at length about the workers at the GM plant in Colombia who were fired for injuries sustained on the assembly line.

Interview Regarding Colombian GM Workers
Walsh discusses the workers situation, but also speaks about labor and political conditions in the country in general. Also discussed are Free Trade Agreements and how they create conditions which allow multi national corporations to ignore human and environmental regulations.

At various points during the program, short videos are introduced, all taken from the Asotrecol Workers Youtube Page
These videos explain the reasons for the hunger strike and detail the suffering these families are going through due to assembly line injuries. One video features interviews with the wife and daughter of one of the workers.

ASOTRECOL - GM Workers Website

homepage: homepage: http://www.asotrecol.com