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VIDEO: Panel on Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks

The Sabbath should serve humanity, humanity should not serve the Sabbath. Forever Number One forfeits its legitimacy in holding Bradley Manning incommunicado.
VIDEO: Panel on Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks with Chase Madar, Kevin Gosztola, Mark Doten and Ted Hearne
www.booktv.org, 1 hr 35 min

About the Program

Chase Madar and Kevin Gosztola, who have each authored a book about Bradley Manning, talk about Manning's court-martial and the treatment he has received since being detained. Additional commentary is provided writers Mark Doten and Ted Hearne, who are working on a play about Manning and attended his Article 32 hearing. Hosted by the Brecht Forum in New York City.

About the Authors

Chase Madar is a civil rights attorney whose work has appeared in the London Review of Books, The American Conservative, CounterPunch and TomDispatch.

Kevin Gosztola is a writer for "The Dissenter" at Firedoglake and regularly covers the WikiLeaks case, government transparency, and whistleblowing. He co-authored "Truth and Consequences" with Greg Mitchell.

Mark Doten is the literary editor at Soho Press.

Ted Hearne is a composer, conductor and performer.

to watch the 1 hour 35 minute video broadcast on August 18, 2012, click on

 link to www.booktv.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.freembtranslations.net
address: address: www.booktv.org

BREANNA MANNING 19.Aug.2012 20:06


her name is breanna manning.


Nope, not Breanna 20.Aug.2012 11:41

His Name is Bradley

This man's name is Bradley Manning. He is not a female. Shut the fuck up you divisive person. A discussion cannot be had here because of assholes like you. So SHUT THE FUCK UP and take your divisive bullshit somewhere else.