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Muammar Gaddafi's Green Book!

Leader. Not "President" of Libya. Not "Master." Yeah. Free healthcare, education, housing, etc. for all. In Libya. Until we came to end that with our warlord murder gangs. See video:

still on this 18.Aug.2012 07:20

Scott B.

And yet for all his beliefs in liberty he impeded on what people saw as their most basic fundamental rights. Free health care is actually less important to many than the right to decent. I'm not saying I agree, I'm not saying I don't, but obviously the people of Libya did. Because those so called murderous war lord gangs...they were the overwhelming majority of the Libyan people, and honestly, I don't think they care what you think one way or the other.

Libertarian propoganda 18.Aug.2012 14:47


this is libertarian propaganda to justify letting people starve

The Overwhelming Majority Of The Libyan People supported Gaddafi 18.Aug.2012 15:19


The overwhelming majority of the Libyan people loved the free healthcare, education, housing, etc. that Gaddafi's government provided. The so-called 'rebels' were actually paid mercenaries sponsored by NATO, et al. These are the same type of so-called 'rebels' that are invading Syria now.

GlobalResearch.ca — The 'Rebel' Assassination of Muammar Gaddafi: a NATO Operation from A to Z — October 22, 2011

NATO special forces including the British SAS have been on the ground in Libya since February - long before the beginning of the Orwellian 'no-fly zone'. These forces set up bases in Libya from which they trained and directed the poorly-trained 'rebel' mercenaries being used as pawns to overthrow Gaddafi. The Libya war would not have been possible without the presence of these special forces. NATO airstrikes have been coordinated by these operatives on the ground. Further to this, the incredibly inept 'rebels' have proven themselves utterly incapable of achieving and holding a single military or strategic victory against the overwhelming size and breadth of the indigenous Green Libyan Resistance. Operation Mermaid Dawn, coordinated and overtly carried out by Western special forces and soldiers, was an indication of the sheer ineptitude of the tribalists, terrorists and extremists fighting for NATO as 'Libyan rebels'.

After Operation Mermaid Dawn in August, British SAS soldiers, dressed in civilian Arab garb and carrying the same weaponry as the 'rebels', refocused their efforts towards hunting down Muammar Gaddafi. Furthermore, the British media was replete with reports of this special forces activity on Libyan soil.

A matter of days ago on Thursday 20 October, 2011, NATO's war on Libya culminated in the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi. As could have been predicted for a war replete with brazen psychological warfare, the 'official' story was that the 'rebel' forces had captured Gaddafi cowering in a sewage pipe, and he subsequently died in their custody. This story was betrayed by the fact that NATO themselves admitted to bombing the revolutionary leader's convoy as it was travelling in the Sirte area on that morning. U.S. officials confirmed that an American Predator drone fired on the convoy, as did French aircraft. In reality it is not justifiable to claim a 'rebel' victory here, when NATO bombs were instrumental to Gaddafi's capture, as they were to the entire war.

it's true 18.Aug.2012 22:17


haven't you heard? indymedia loves dictators now. Just watch.

Any time an uprising happens anywhere in the world against a dictator, blues and his crew will waste no time in coming to support dictatorships. Everything is a conspiracy. No uprisings happen anymore. They are just proxy wars. Those poor, poor dictators.

You Imply The Absence Of A Dictatoship Of The Leets 19.Aug.2012 18:06


We ONLY get to choose between ("I can kill any American whom I suspect) (Assad never said such a thing!) Obama and the fascist Romney. So we don't have a dictatorship of the leets?

I say, start protesting the upcoming elections now! Get out and do it! My standard boilerplate (because I can't type well at all):

Our fake "democracy" is worse than a joke! We have machines to cast and count our votes? Voting machines are 10,000+ times easier for the manipulative leets to hijack in coordinated scams. Computers are inherently un-securable. Wyland's Law of Automation: "Anything that can be automatically done *for* you can be automatically done *to* you." Obviously voting should be done only with pen and paper ballots. Every community of 5,000 citizens should have its polling and counting stations run by a randomly chosen jury, certainly not by some politician. EVERY other Western nation has done away with machine voting, and now uses hand counted paper ballots.

You should be allowed to vote for as many candidates as you wish (within reason — not the whole phone book). You could give any candidate no votes at all, or 10, or 11, or 12 votes (this is "padded score" voting; the 1 to 9 vote options are padded out to simplify voting and counting). This would reduce the two-party enforcing spoiler effect to almost nothing! And it's totally simple! The votes are just added up before witnesses at the poling stations on the night of each election, with the results announced before being sent to larger counting stations.


But we must attack Syria, and start WW-III, since Assad is not up to our fake "democratic" standards.

ok 19.Aug.2012 19:33


that's nice, but it has nothing to do with the fact that you idiots are dictator apologists.

I don't care about the political system here, for the moment, for this debate: I am talking about the sudden influx of people wringing their hands over the poor, helpless dictators. Poor Gaddafi, Poor Assad, poor Mubarak. the nasty rebels, rising up and daring to usurp the kind benevolent dictators.

It is sickening.

I don't give a shit if the US is supporting the rebels. I don't give a shit if you happen to think every enemy of the US is somehow automatically a good-guy, even if they are ruthlessly crushing dissent in their country.

The fact of the matter is you are making excuses for dictators, and you are scum for doing it.

You Believe That Obama Is Our "Elected Leader"? 20.Aug.2012 08:44


American Everyman
 link to willyloman.wordpress.com

[....]His name is Brandon J. Raub and apparently he was arrested a short while ago [by county, FBI, and Secret Service agents, in Richmond, VA]. They claim that when the cops came to his home, they asked him about some Facebook postings and then took him into custody. He seemed injured slightly during the arrest. The video of his arrest is below along with some quotes from his Facebook page with his name on them. No one else appears to be posting on his wall. He has several quotes talking about the revolution (that he sees himself leading of course) and he has a picture of the damaged Pentagon that he says was caused by our "leaders" hitting it with a missile.

Brandon J. Raub — Facebook: Richmond Liberty Movement

The Revolution will come for me. Men will be at my door soon to pick me up to lead it. ;)[smiley-face]

"Sharpen up my axe; I'm here to sever heads."

"I am standing against a great evil. I will do it all by myself if I have to."

"We MUST rise up and take our country back"

"If you are my friend, you deserve to know the truth. This world is secretly run by a shadow organization of people who among other things enjoy raping children. Some of leaders were involved with the bombing of the twin towers. It was a sacrifice and a complete inside job. Also the Bush's are very sick twisted problems. I believe they have a secret Castle in Colorado where they have been raping and sacrificing children for many years. Think I'm crazy? Think again."

Here's the video of his arrest. One witness claims that he was taken by local cops, the FBI and Secret Service. According to his mother, he was taken directly to a psychiatric hospital in Virginia. His mother claims that she was told by the FBI that the "threats" he was making on his Facebook page were "terrorist in nature"[...]

Marine Vet detained for FB posts — Brandon J Raub being "arrested"

Meanwhile, the Globalist Cabal Media has either ignored this detention, or spread demonstrably false disinformation about it.

The Western Globalist Cabal is our dictator. See:

Fascist America: FBI/Secret Service Arrest Marine Brandon J. Raub
 link to jeenyuscorner.com

You believe that Obama is our "elected leader"? He and Romney were selected by the Billionaire Globalist Cabal (BGC), who are our dictators, of course. They want to utterly destroy Syria because it is not ruled by their puppets. The US National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) now authorizes the puppet US president to detain US citizens forever with no charges, no legal representation, and no due process of law. Syria has no such laws. The US now has more prisoners than any other nation in history. It has secret private electronic election machine vote casting and counting.

What about Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, absolute monarch of the Saudi Arabian nightmare police state?

Ricardo Martinelli (who completed his secondary education at Staunton Military Academy in Staunton, Virginia in the US, and is the chairman of the board of Panama's Super 99 supermarket chain) is the dictator of Panama. How is the glorious "anti-dictator movement" going to respond if China spends billions to hire Colombian mercenaries to overthrow him?

Of course the rabid, war mongering anti-dictator movement in the "phree world" has no interest in abolishing secret private electronic election machine vote casting and counting here in the US, nor ending our two-party lock-in due to neglecting to demand a score voting method. Foreign war is so much more fun.

sure 22.Aug.2012 09:24


I have no problem minding out own.

That does not, however, mean we should fawn over the other dictators.