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Joe Uris to Present Why No Revolution? A Short History of American Left Movements

Announcement of fall programs of History of Social Justice Organizing
Why No Revolution? A Short History of American Left Movements featuring Joe Uris will be History of Social Justice Organizing's first fall program

Since the early1800s, there have been labor struggles, struggles against slavery and struggles for a more equitable distribution of wealth in the United States. Uris will briefly examine some of that history, including the formation of labor unions, idealistic and utopian movements for social justice, peace movements and efforts to bring a better share of the resources of this continent to all its people.

This is a two part program. Part 1 will cover early 1800s to 1945; part 2 will bring us up to the present.

Part 1: Thursday, September 27. Part 2: Thursday, October 18

Both will be meet at Portland State University in 413 Cramer Hall, 1721 SW Broadway from 7-8:30 pm. The programs are free.

Dr. Joe Uris is an associate professor (ret.) of history and sociology at Portland State University, a journalist, and KBOO (Tuesday am) talk show host. From the early 60s on, Joe organized for peace and social justice in New York and Portland.

History of Social Justice Organizing is an ongoing series of presentations by activists and scholars on a wide variety of social justice organizing topics in Portland and elsewhere.

A program of Occupy History and Our School
 info@occupyhistory.us occupyhistory.us ourschoolportland.org

For more information see historyofsocialjusticeorganizing.wordpress.com/

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