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Portland PR Company Targeted for Coal Complicity

Activists in Portland, in solidarity with a week-long action in Helena, Montana, deliver a final warning to Portland PR firm Gard Communications, demanding that they drop client Ambre Energy over the controversial Morrow Pacific coal export proposal.
August 16, 2012

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Portland PR Company Targeted for Coal Complicity

Portland, OR : Gard Communications, a Portland public relations firm, came under scrutiny this morning from activists associated with the Community Alliance Against Coal for refusing to answer to their concerns regarding Gard's client, Ambre Energy, and the Morrow Pacific coal export proposal. The activists entered the Gard Communications office at 1440 SW 11th Avenue at 10 am and delivered a letter stating their intention to apply public pressure to the communications firm to drop the coal company as a client.

On July 20th, the group sent a certified letter to Gard asking specific questions about Australian-based Ambre Energy's proposed Morrow Pacific coal export facility. They requested a written response by the 3rd of August. Gard Communications did not respond to the July 20th letter.

"Gard's silence reinforces the fact that coal export is dangerous for public health, and would be game over for our climate future. They have failed to respond to the serious concerns regarding the Port of Morrow coal export project, despite our request for a written response, and the opportunity to answer our questions at multiple public forums," says Community Alliance Against Coal member David Osborn.

Among the questions the Community Alliance Against Coal asked Gard to answer:

- The Port of Morrow proposal will occupy valuable Oregon industrial waterfront land. What are the total permanent jobs per acre that the Port of Morrow project will provide to both Morrow and Columbia Counties?

- What would be the environmental impact of a spilled or wrecked coal barge on the Columbia River, and what is Ambre Energy's plan for mitigation of such a disaster?

- Do you believe confidentiality agreements outweigh the need for public comment and oversight for a project that stands to radically transform the region?

The Community Alliance Against Coal's second letter, delivered today, expresses disappointment that Gard has not addressed their questions. The anti-coal activists will continue to apply pressure to Gard Communications until it drops Ambre Energy as a client.

High resolution photos of the action:

Photo 1 -  http://www.nocoalexports.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/caacaction1.jpg
Photo 2 -  http://www.nocoalexports.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/caacaction2.jpg

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Thank You! 16.Aug.2012 15:54

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

Are these the same p.r. assholes who wrote copy for that asinine tv ad that yammers "Build Jobs Here; Build Terminals Here". Thank you for this action. If it were a drug company spouting lies, the law would get involved. But this is a coal company vomiting lies via its p.r. spokesmouth. How do they get away with it.