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Oregon Dep't of Energy to host meetings on radioactive material transport in Oregon

Sorry about the late notice... this "public notice" was put out on August 13th!!
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Aug. 13, 2012****


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Lisa Joyce, 503-378-6510* ***

Cliff Voliva, 503-378-3637* ***

In Oregon 1-800-221-8035* ***

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*ODOE to host meetings on radioactive material transport in Oregon*****

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SALEM The Oregon Department of Energy will host two public information
meetings in Portland and Hood River later this month about the transport of
radioactive materials in Oregon. Oregonians have frequently raised concerns
about the topic during public meetings related to the Hanford nuclear site
cleanup, prompting the department to schedule these meetings.*** *

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Four- to five-hundred radioactive material shipments travel through the
state each year, requiring significant planning and coordination from a
variety of state agencies. For the past 30 years, ODOE has managed the
state's radioactive material transport program in cooperation with agencies
such as Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon Health Authority.** **

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Ken Niles, ODOE's nuclear safety and emergency preparedness division
administrator, will be the speaker. Niles, who has 20 years experience in
the area, says the meetings will be informative and interactive. ****

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"We're looking forward to addressing questions and concerns about this
issue," says Ken Niles. ****

At each meeting, Niles plans to provide information on the potential new
radioactive waste streams coming to Hanford and show photos of a variety of
shipping containers and route maps.****

** **

Niles will also present current information on:****

** **Number of shipments; ****

** **Types of materials being transported; ****

** **Routes being used; and****

** **Prospects for shipments in the future. ****

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ODOE has scheduled the meetings for:****

** **


Wednesday, Aug. 15****

3 p.m. and 7 p.m.****

Doubletree Lloyd Center****

1000 NE Multnomah Idaho Room****

Portland, OR 97212 ****

**Hotel parking is free for participants* **

*Hood River*

Wednesday, Aug. 22****

3 p.m. and 7 p.m. ****

Best Western Inn****

1108 E Marina Way****

Hood River, OR 97301**

** **

For more information about radioactive material transport, please visit the
ODOE website at
Oregon.gov/energy/ NUCSAF/< http://cms.oregon. gov/energy/ NUCSAF/docs/ 2012-RadTranspor tReport.pdf>