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Decolonization Means Prison Abolition

Here is another great discussion that we were able to film at the Law & Disorder conference in Portland this past April

Here is another great discussion that we were able to film at the Law & Disorder conference in Portland this past April. In this video, Decolonize PDX discusses why they felt forming was so necessary, what Decolonize PDX means to the collective, occupy and people of color, and prison abolition. If this video interest you, we urge you to pass it around to friends and family!

homepage: homepage: http://https://vimeo.com/47494666

What Is This Decolonization Malarkey? 14.Aug.2012 22:10


All these people just sit around while this lady spews out this goofy sociobabble with no feasible agenda in sight? If I was there, I would say "decolonization means I'm getting my ass out of this insane trance state!"

They want to simply get rid of prisons. (Because "they must.") If some creep bashes my head in on Main Street, I would prefer them to go to some prison! I know the "criminal justice system" is rigged. But I don't want people to just bash me and walk away either.

Why does anyone waste their lives listening to babble about an agenda that goes nowhere?

I say, start protesting the upcoming elections now! Get out and do it! My standard boilerplate (because I can't type well at all):

Our fake "democracy" is worse than a joke! We have machines to cast and count our votes? Voting machines are 10,000+ times easier for the manipulative leets to hijack in coordinated scams. Computers are inherently un-securable. Wyland's Law of Automation: "Anything that can be automatically done *for* you can be automatically done *to* you." Obviously voting should be done only with pen and paper ballots. Every community of 5,000 citizens should have its polling and counting stations run by a randomly chosen jury, certainly not by some politician.

You should be allowed to vote for as many candidates as you wish (within reason not the whole phone book). You could give any candidate no votes at all, or 10, or 11, or 12 votes (this is "padded score" voting; the 1 to 9 vote options are padded out to simplify voting and counting). This would reduce the two-party enforcing spoiler effect to almost nothing! And it's totally simple! The votes are just added up before witnesses at the poling stations on the night of each election, with the results announced before being sent to larger counting stations.

By the way, it at least appears that the U.S. Green Party has finally dropped its endorsement of "IRV" voting. In any election robust enough to (seemingly) weaken the spoiler effect, IRV votes cannot realistically be counted without vote counting machines. And yet, this method does nothing to actually weaken the spoiler effect, it only hides it. States that use it always end up with two-party systems. This method has been very aggressively promoted by an organization that was very heavily funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Ford Foundation, etc. I used to have links to prove this, but they've since been taken down. The organization that promotes this simply lies to deny the facts that I just stated. Large organizations do tend to lie often!

Why not get your ass out and protest this two-party bullshit NOW? Why listen to schmucks who want to "decolonize" us by letting all the real criminals run loose?

If some pedophile rapes her ten year old daughter will she want him to go home and have a party?

This is not real!