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Paul Ryan: Fascism On Wheels

You think Obama is a puppet? Then Paul Ryan is a Marionette operated by Himmler's Ghost
Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan
Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan on Homeland Security: Voted YES on Extending Patriot Act's Roving Wiretaps, NO on requiring FISA warrants in the USA, but not abroad. NO on Congressional oversight of CIA interrogations. YES on allowing electronic surveillance without a warrant. YES on continuing intelligence gathering without civil oversight. YES on Federalizing driver's licenses to "thwart terrorists". YES for continuing military recruitment on college campuses. YES on adopting all reccomendations of the 911 Commission. YES for $80 Billion in emergency aid for war in Afganistan and Iraq. YES on allowing commercial airline pilots to carry guns. (Don't you wish that crazy pilot who freaked out on a flight last month was packing a piece?) YES on $266 Billion Defense Appropriations bill. YES on deploying SDI. Rated 22% by the monitoring group SANE, which translates into "a pro-military" voting record. YES on building a steel fence along the Mexican border. NO on increasing minium wage to $7.25 Completely anti-Senior voting record. Rated at 10% by watchdog group ARA. Supports Taxpayers protection Pledge . Actually said "No new taxes"! YES on terminating all funding for Public Radio. YES on increasing fines for "indecent broadcasting". (Like 'The Bachelorette?') YES on prohibiting the return of The Fairness Doctrine (equal media time for both sides on an issue) NO performance royalties for music played on the radio. As far as abortion goes, he's to the right of The Pope Himself. And a Catholic of course. NORML rates him at minus-10- a "hard on drugs stance" He calls drug use, including pot, "immoral" and all laws should "be enforced against it". He wants badly to "privatize Social Security". Darling of the NRA all the way. Wants teacher led prayer in public schools. Has no concept whatsoever of "Separation of Church and state". Strongly favors "Three Strikes" law and the prison industrial complex it feeds. Little Paulie Cheesehead a heartbeat away..imagine that. Yipes!