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NBC Thinks War Is FUN!

NBC's new show "Stars Earn Stripes" is symptomatic, & will be even causative, of USA's escalating violence.
Something is seriously wrong with this country, which enjoys violence as entertainment.

Because i do not watch commercial tv, i did not watch this new piece of NBC shit, but knew it was coming, & rec'd reports of its content. Thousands of communications to NBC did not dissuade it from airing -- on public airwaves -- their toxic sludge. I wonder if NBC will show burned & mutilated & dead children on their sick little show.

Portland's KGW did not create that vile show, but carries it. Perhaps KGW could pressure NBC to cancel.


And maybe someone would be willing to watch that messed-up program & list for us who the sponsors are. That could lead to more protest.

Let's see. What was it again that bored ancient Romans watched in the coliseums!