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Why is Roger a World Wide Hero?

The tractor that was heard around the world...
I can only speak for myself, really, and why he is a hero to me.
You may not like what you read.
The World is changing. The Dream that was America, is failing not only Americans, but the world. We are given bullshit reasons why we have to hate, and support the killing of "others" (usually brown people with oil).
We are not a democracy, or a Nation of Laws. We are a nation of sheep, with the Illusion of "choices". A bird or a bug even can choose red or blue... Are we not more than that?
Banksters and bought out politicians have taken our blood and treasure, in return for debt and slavery.
Every Taxpaying citizen is complicit, The "laws" we cherish, Our Rights, have been handed over for the Illusion of "safety", for which we deserve neither.
Our Rights are not given by the Government, all it is to do is acknowledge and protect them.
It does neither.
TSA checkpoints are in train and bus stations, actual military style checkpoints... A fondling when trying to board a plane, feeling like an enemy combatant when pulled over for any little offence...
Government databases of all electronic communications...
It is all a web of control, to enslave the masses for the profit of the few.
Our money goes to kill people who want the same freedom and rights as us.
The American Dream, a nightmare.... a drone strike from a Nobel Laurate...
" all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants, according to several administration officials, unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent,"
" unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent,"
posthumously proving them innocent,"
It is because I live in an Evil Regime I support Roger
My Nation, is the most dreaded, murderous the world has even seen.
Hell-bent on world domination, and internal destruction
All Empires fall
In a Refugee Camp, I was asked, "why are you here?" I said "to help, and learn" she said, "Ok, you are always welcome here, but if you really want to help, go back to your country, and fight for freedom there, we do not need you here, we need you there.
We main Nation after Nation, Family after Family, and then use it as an excuse to militarize our police.
No Change for the better will come with the elections, it is Coke or Pepsi..
Red or Blue
A bug even can do that..
there you voted, if you do not like the Choice you were given, wait four years.
Fuck That. Tractor I say.
The world really is waiting on us, to revolt
We are a Failed State, built on stolen land, on the backs of slaves
Our Forefathers wanted a Land where all WHITE MEN were free....
It has failed us, houses not worth what was paid...
A generation of Slaves to Student Debt into no Jobs...
Banks getting bailed out as reward for fucking us...
Corporations completely owning every Federal Politician.
Cameras on every corner... Orwellian
and some fools say "we have a two Party System" Incorrect, Truth be told, we have a One Party System, with two factions, with minor differences of opinion on some Domestic Issues....
"Liberals" got their panties all in a twist over Bush kidnapping and torturing people...
Obama just kills them with drone strikes.... " posthumously proving them innocent,"
posthumously proving them innocent
This is not a problem with Obomba voters, as long as the checks keep coming, I guess....
They really do not care. "Lesser Evil" they say...
If Obomney is the best we can do.... I say Tractor
I have 0% faith in our system, it is not sustainable, it is failing
Yet it stumbles on, like a sickened Juggernaut, foaming at the mouth, lashing out....
Roger, is not the problem, what he did was a natural response, in a visceral manner...
If you keep on poking a grumpy dog, over and over, and he bites you, who is to blame?
If my child was poking that grumpy dog and got bit, I would yell at my child, not the dog.
Simple facts: Our system is failing, and worse, failing the world....
Our Flag has come to mean War, against the world, and against Americans alike.
The NDAA has stripped all remaining rights, It's signatures, the mark of Traitors.
Treason is the new Patriotism.
Vote Obomney! and shut the fuck up...
Nope, I vote Tractor.
We need a resistance movement, to free our country, and stop it from attacking others.
We are responsible for this rabid dog, maybe we loved it at one time, but its mind is eaten out from the inside, It is time to put this dog down, before it bites someone else and spreads its disease even further.
So, am I oppressed? No, I am free, and blessed. (White, male, and wealthy)
It is not I who I am worried about, rather those who are oppressed.
I have traveled the world fighting oppression, and will be damned if I see it in my own state, and do nothing.
For me it was a call to arms.
So, what Roger did (allegedly) was like the Tunisian man, who under the weight of endless government bullshit, lit himself on fire, a fire that spread and started the blaze that is the Arab Spring.
Egypt is free of the US puppet Mubarak...
Where is our American Spring? USA! USA!
I want an uprising. I want us to gather a force strong enough, when needed, to defend Freedom.
Just our numbers, should discourage police abuse.
Although we have political differences within our movement, it needs to be our strength, not our weakness. I do not personally see us affirming our rights through a corrupt system.
Personally, I hope Romney and Paul "hunger Games" Ryan win. THEN maybe the fucking democrats and "Liberals" will get off the sofa....
Don't hear many Democrats saying shit about all of our illegal wars and assassination programs...
well, I am going to vote for the "Lesser Evil.... I am going to vote for ________evil...
That is what it is, an Evil State...It does evil things, it will kill us all...
The police, are just some shmuck with a Job, a gun, and often an attitude, like you are under any obligation to give a FUCK, what they have to say, unless under arrest, and even then.
I do not want to see any violence against any cop... Cop is Human, same as you or I
They deserve every right everybody else does.
If you believe in human rights, you believe in them for those you hate,
or you do not believe in them at all.
We do not want war, we want an end to the war...
It is up to "We The People" to say ENOUGH.
Roger had said "enough" with his tractor
I think everybody heard him...
Or, he could of let it go on, endless attacks, feeling hunted in his own town
being fucked with for any little thing
jailed, beaten in jail..
A dog in the front seat
The smell of weed...
Fuck That, Tractor.
One man, stands tall in endless fields of sheep, high above the rest
An act of resistance, so bold, so fitting so poetic
it, is music to any soul yearning to be free
That is why Roger is a Hero, to me, and for many all around the world.
Join us.
Abu Justice
Free Roger!

homepage: homepage: http://freeroger.org/node/9

Why is Roger a world wide hero 22.Aug.2012 10:08

He's not

He's not. He is just another moron who ruined what chance he had of hitting the police where it hurts, in the pocket book. If his story was true, then he had a case that would stand in court. Stupid fucker is now going to jail for a long time.