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Caravan for Peace begins journey across US to oppose the drug war

(San Diego 8-13)In a continuing protest again the drug war,Caravan For Peace and Justice began a cross-continent journey today with plans to arrive in Washington DC on September 12. The project was conceived by Mexican poet Javier Sicilia when his son died in the crossfire of the "war on drugs" several months ago. The caravan crossed Mexico with the goal of raising public awareness of the failed "war on drugs".
The Caravan crossed Mexico in June to raise awareness of the failed war on drugs
The Caravan crossed Mexico in June to raise awareness of the failed war on drugs
"It's a war that no longer distinguishes. Any Mexican can be assassinated, can be a victim of crime or repression," said Sicilia.

Annually, more than a billion dollars from the US fuels this effort while problems multiply.

The caravan will stop in at least 20 cities along the way. The photo with the sign "Todos Somos Juarez" was taken by David Acosta of borderzine.com on June 14th, during the caravan's maiden voyage, the photo above was shot today by Jose Luis Jiménez of fronterasdesk.org

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photo from today 13.Aug.2012 15:54


Thanks to Jose Luis Jiménez of fronterasdesk.org we have a photo from the Caravan's first day. They should be arriving in Los Angeles soon, where they'll make a stop at Our Lady Queens of Angels, 535 N. Main St. Here, survivors of the drug war hold up photos of their loved ones who died in the crossfire.

How? 13.Aug.2012 16:02

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Do we donate to this great cause?

can you help support the Caravan for Peace? 13.Aug.2012 18:42


I was asked, so here's the information.
Visit the official website,

They do accept donations.


Although not everything in Spanish is duplicated in English (and vice versa) you can learn the recent history of the drug war and how this action came to be.