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Get to know your local FBI agents

Getting to know your local FBI agents. An initial list. More to come!
Gregory L. Amato
Intelligence Analyst
FBI Portland Division, Squad 13
Embedded: Squad 10 (DT/WMD)
ph 503-460-8527
cell 503-310-6139
fx 503-552-5327
email:  gregory.amato@ic.fbi.gov

Michael Caputo, Julie Thornton
FBI Portland Division
1500 SW 1st Avenue - Crown Plaza
Portland, OR 97201
ph 503-552-5204
fx 503-552-5383
email:  mcaputo@leo.gov,  jthorn1@leo.gov

Mike Larson
Criminal Intelligence
1111 SW Second Ave., Room 1326
Portland, OR 97204
ph 503-823-0983
fx 503-823-0313

Phil R. Slinkard
Special Agent
FBI Portland Division - Cyber Crime
ph 503-460-8521
email:  phil.slinkard@leo.gov

Emily Whitney
Staff Operations Specialist
FBI Portland Division
email:  emily.whitney@leo.gov

Timothy W. Suttles
Special Agent
PO Box 687
Eugene, OR 97440
ph 541-343-5222
fx 541-349-2388
email:  timothy-suttles@ic.fbi.gov

Darold Hessel
PO Box 511
Salem, OR 97308
ph 503-362-6601
fx 503-585-5667

Chuck Cogburn, Director
Oregon TITAN Fusion Center OR DOJ
Criminal Justice Division
610 Hawthorne Ave. SE, Suite 120
Salem, OR 97301
ph 503-378-6347 x310
cell 503-932-1771
fx 503-378-5018
email:  ccogburn@leo.gov,  chuckcogburn@state.or.us,  cogburn@state.or.us