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Latest Earth First! Newsletter, Litha 2012

Earth First! News, check out the latest 8-page newsletter covering news and actions from around the world for April, May, June and mid-July 2012. Read 'em, reproduce 'em, distribute 'em. Keep it Wild!
The Earth First! Journal Collective has been producing these handy Earth First! News pamphlets over the last couple years, the latest issue, Litha 2012, is now available at: www.newswire.earthfirstjournal.org. The Newsletters were created to help increase circulation of the latest from the frontlines' news and actions. We compile three months of info into an 8-page reader (2, 11x17 sheets) and post them on the Earth First! Newswire for anyone to print off and distribute for free, preferably. If you have a knack for photocopy machines (using them, that is—not smashing them) here's a PDF of the latest edition of the EF! News.  http://earthfirstnews.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/litha_2012_newsletter_final2.pdf
Let's get it out there!

This issue includes: recent dispatches from the eco-wars, an updated directory of environmental action groups, prisoner support listing, events calendar, and a clever new tip for ol' Ned Ludd.

News and actions are gathered from the Earth First! News, an online newswire updated 2-3 times a day. Contributions for the newswire are posted by EF! Journal Collective members (past and present), as well as other action groups from across the country. We greatly appreciate receiving news, action reports and posts from a growing group of people. Here's how you can contribute: e-mail us at collective(at)earthfirstjournal.org and include "Newswire" in the subject line.
For the Wild,
-EF! Journal Collective

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