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Why Ron Paul, Gary Johnson Supporters And Other Libertarians Should Oppose Romney

Romney is a chickenhawk and father of 5 chickenhawks, warmonger and US bankrupter, attacker of Social Security contracts government made with people, treason with Chinese government, wealth comprised of stolen pension funds and corporate assets raiding, bloater of national deficit, hider of tax records, tax evader, outsourcer, a man who banks offshore , staff having removed 12 hard drives from Massachusetts governor's office, directed destruction of Olympics records, violated SEC rules re Bain Capital, supported LDS racism in 1968, LDS denial of women's rights supports premeditated judicial murder, opposes medical marijuana, brutal to many kinds of animals, illegal acquisition of Clear Channel, profiteering from political ads carried on Clear Channel, legally questionable foreign fundraisers, questions regarding Olympics coins minted with his image, decadent lifestyle includes 2 story garages with car elevators, Romney operative vote fraud in Maine etc., general Republican vote fraud, Dr Strangelove re use of nuclear weapons, supporter of nuclear power, opposer of wind power, supporter of offshore and ANWR drilling, and of toxic Keystone Pipeline bringing Canadian tar through US, associater with other bankster criminals, relationship of multiple sclerosis to being dominated, Mormons believe in war but are exempted as missionaries, Mormon capital funded purchase of Bain Capital etc. flipflops on prolife prochoice, on TARP, and many other issues.
53 Of Many Reasons To Vote Against Loanshark Megarobber Romney

Whether you are a Democrat, Libertarian, Green, Socialist, Tea Party member or other, here are some of many reasons to vote against Mitt Romney.

Romney is a chickenhawk (someone who has never gone to war but promotes sending
others into harm's way). He is the father of 5 chickenhawks.

Romney wants to continue stealing trillions of dollars from the people of the US,
89% of whom according to Ron Paul oppose these illegal wars. He favors continuing the murder of Muslim civilians and soldiers for the hawkish Netanyahu agenda, which involves sacrificing American men. He has supported the genocidal violence of the Bush presidents in Iraq, Afghanistan and now wants war with Iran.

3. THREATENS SOCIAL SECURITY Romney threatens Social Security, is on record in
wanting more privatization (Wall St. rape of the treasury)


Romney's connection to Huawei was treason. He
attempted to have this Chinese army connected company take over 3C contracts
with the Pentagon. This was an issue in the 2008 primaries and was frequently
brought up by Representative Duncan Hunter.

4b The wars Romney has always promoted endanger our true security by sending us into massive debt at the same time that they enrich the bankers of China, already buying up property in Washington DC, as well as those of Japan, Israel, Switzerland, the United Kingdom etc. Trillions of dollars have been spent in interest paid to those who goad our people into war while profiting from the death of children and adults, civilians and soldiers, in many countries.

4c Romney has outsourced many jobs to China

4d Romney's tax plan would give tax credits to those outsourcing to China

5 WEALTH MADE OF STOLEN PENSION FUNDS AND RAIDED CORPORATE ASSETS He would treat Social Security as he treated the pension funds of workers, pension funds he stole to create his 250 million dollar fortune. He raided in addition other
corporate assets as he shut down companies, fired workers. Jimmy DiMora went to jail for a few hundred thousand in alleged corruption while Romney who has stolen a quarter billion dollars remains free.

Daily Kos: "Priorities USA focuses on GST Steel, the steel company taken over by Mitt Romney in 1993 in a deal that netted Bain Capital (actually Romney Capital) millions in profits even the fact that the company collapsed, destroying jobs and leaving taxpayers on the hook for bailing out the company's pension fund." Daily Kos reports Romney's Bain Capital philosophy was 'heads I win... tails you lose' because whether a company failed or was outsourced, Romney always made money on the deal.

 link to www.dailykos.com

A 27 minute documentary released by the Newt Gingrich campaign called "When Mitt Romney Came To Town"  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLWnB9FGmWE

In taking over Unimac in Florida, Romney first slashed worker paychecks, later eliminated their jobs. In nearly every state in the country, says the Gingrich documentary, Romney slashed jobs.

"Corporations are people, my friend" said Romney at the Iowa State Fair.


a. When he stole pension funds and destroyed corporations while pocketing hundreds of millions, the US government had to assume payment of pensions for the workers Romney ripped off.

b. Romney claims he turned the Salt Lake City Olympics around. Nary a word about the federal funding which turned the SLC Olympics around.

c. In supporting illegal wars Romney has been a factor in the money spent on these wars which is bigger than the national deficit.. Romney is aligning himself to Reagan who tripled the military spending during his 8 years in office, and greatly enriched his many year sponsor GE, General Electric, which was owner of NBC and which is now among the 10 biggest war profiteers in the nation.

d. In endorsing billionaire Senator Frist's giveaway to pricegouging pharmaceutical companies through the prescription drug program Romney supported the hemorrhaging of money out of the US Treasury into international drug dealers' pockets.

7. HIDDEN TAX RECORDS He has, unlike his father, refused to reveal more than 1
year of his tax records. According to a Bain Capital official, he did not file IRS returns for 10 years before this year. Senator Harry Reid, Mormon, said on the floor of the Senate that Romney did not pay taxes for 10 years. George Romney paid 37% of his income in taxes. Mitt Romney paid 15% in one year. What he paid in other years, if anything, is not known.

8. REMOVED 12 HARD DRIVES FROM MASSACHUSETTS GOVERNOR'S OFFICE Romney and his staff removed 12 hard drives when he left the governor's office. A Washington
Post reporter called him the most secretive person he'd ever investigated.

9. SUPPORTS PREMEDITATED JUDICIAL MURDER Romney sought to force executions, premeditated judicial murder, on citizens of Massachusetts in his 4 years as
governor, the only time he held political office. Massachusetts is a state which
has not had an execution in many decades. Only 12% of the world's over 200 countries and only 25% of US states engage in this ancient barbarism. Media hide the federal executions taking place in Terre Haute, Indiana.

10. WHAT DID ROMNEY TELL BLACKS AS A MISSIONARY When Romney was a missionary in a cushy Paris posting in the late 1960's, the Mormon church did not allow blacks to be elders in the church, nor did it until 1978 when after being threatened by an NAACP boycott, the church relented. Either Romney in Paris avoided blacks, lied to them, or else told them they were not welcome in the church hierarchy. Even today of 6 million US Mormons, only 3% are black.  http://naacp.org

11. BRUTAL TO ANIMALS Romney bought animal research companies, invested in
slaughterhouse products, brought brutal rodeo into the nonviolent Olympics, had an aggressive promotion of toxic animal flesh ads on Clear Channel, refused to sign a bill acknowledging the right of students to refuse to dissect animals in biology classes, filled the state wildlife agency with that 4.5% of the population which hunts,
treated his family dog terribly while breaking Massachusetts law. He has harmed millions of animals. He said "I've always been a rodent and rabbit hunter." Rob Portman, touted as a possible vice presidential candidate, is a leader of the drive to bring hunters into the national parks, endangering citizens, their children, and international tourists, not to mention the animals.


Channel, itself an illegal network. He has acquired for pennies rather than
millions the licensed use of OUR air waves. His talk show hosts cut off
Democrat, Green, Libertarian, Socialist and other callers. Only Berlusconi of
Italy has used his own media as much as Romney has used Clear Channel and
another Mormon network, Bonneville, to promote his own candidacy. Romney's Clear Channel pushes chickenhawks like Rush Limbaugh, warjocks like Sean Hannity, onto the public air waves. Clear Channel hosts like Dan Rivers of Youngstown, Ohio, one of the highest percentage Democratic cities in the US, regularly forcefeeds the public Romney operative guests.

13. PROFITEERING FROM CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS Romney has funneled some of his
Wall St friends' contribution money into ads for himself on Clear Channel.

14. DECADENT LIFESTYLE Romney's decadent lifestyle, while billions suffer,
includes having built a 2 level garage with a car elevator to the basement.

15. A CONDUIT FOR MORMON MONEY The Mormon church helped Romney acquire Bain
Capital and has been financially interwoven with him from the start of his
business career. No other candidate in US history has been so linked to the
finances of his religion. Does the LDS Church spend more money buying businesses
than in charity?

16. DR STRANGELOVE RE NUKES Dr Strangelove Mitt Romney in Israel in late July
told his Israeli audience they should rule out no option against Iran. In other
words he promoted using Israeli nuclear weapons, obtained illegally decades ago,
to remove alleged nuclear weapons in Iran. He is Netanyahu's preferred candidate. Because Romney believes as he said on WHO Radio in Des Moines Iowa that Jesus will come a 2nd time to Jerusalem, his religious belief keeps him from having objectivity toward Muslims.

17. PROLIFE PROCHOICE It is always amazing when people who attempt to bring executions back and who shill for war call themselves prolife. Those who support government murder in war and the execution chamber are promoting abortion by bomb, as pregnant women and their babies around the world are killed by drones, bombs, landmines, etc.Romney has called himself prolife though he has first been against abortion, then for, and then against. He tried to hide the fact that he was still CEO of Bain Capital when he purchased Stericycle, a company disposing of aborted fetuses.

18 ROMNEY OPPOSES MEDICAL MARIJUANA Romney opposes medical marijuana, giving no alternative but toxic high priced drugs or aspirin to those in agonizing pain.

19. GOLDMAN SACHS OPERATIVE Romney is heavily invested in Goldman Sachs which
gave him first right to buy in a recent IPO offering. Goldman Sachs has been
destabilizing Greece, Italy, Spain and 3 California cities, to name a fraction
of their destabilizing projects..  http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/01/mitt-romney-goldman-sachs-investment\\s
 link to video.msnbc.msn.com

20. JOB ELIMINATION AND OUTSOURCING Besides eliminating jobs, Romney has
outsourced many to China, Mexico and other places. Romney's tax plan gives tax credits to those who outsource to China. In Massachusetts during Romney's governorship, Massachusetts was 47th in job creation. Romney took Latin American seed money to start his career in stripping American companies of assets.  link to www.politifact.com The Boston Herald called Romney's profiteering at the expense of 15,000 jobs 'disgusting'. Romney calls job elimination 'creative destruction'.

21. TAX EVADER He is a tax evader, and has used tax shelters in Swiss, Cayman
Islands and Bermuda banks.

CATTLE RANCHING, FACTORY FARMING Romney has given tens of millions of dollars to the Mormon church,
the church which funded his so-called Bain capital. Would Mormon banks, Mormon
cattle ranch holdings such as the biggest cattle ranch in Florida, benefit if
democracy lost in November? Romney was a Mormon bishop as well as the head of his state's Mormon organization. No other candidate in history has been so financially
dovetailed with a religious institution. Mormon church leaders have a much higher percentage of purchase of businesses than most other religions.

23. ABUSE OF WOMEN Women are treated as serfs by the Mormon church, which does
not allow women to be elders.


In Maine, dozens of towns are recorded as not voting. In every case, the Ron Paul votes were eliminated.

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBx__69pkpY&feature=related Romney vote fraud in Maine

25. 10 SALT LAKE CITY OLYMPICS BAILED OUT BY FEDERAL FUNDING Romney has taken credit for the financial turnaround of the Salt Lake City Olympics when in reality it was a federal money bailout which achieved this.  link to www.cbc.ca

26. DECEPTIVE NAMING Romney deceptively named his private equity company Bain
Capital to hide the fact that he was the sole voting stock holder. When Bain Capital bought Clear Channel, it was Romney Capital and the Mormon church's which bought Clear Channel in order to make it a 24 hour a day 7 day a week Romney commercial.

27. LDS OXYPURINE HYPOCRISY Romney cannot disassociate from the policies of the Mormon Church when he, if he has tithed, has given tens of millions of dollars to that church. The Mormon church forbids dioxypurine or caffein.
And yet through its owned ranches and investments it encourages a stronger
oxypurine, trioxypurine, a slaughterhouse product, which is preurine, a waste
which would have been excreted through the kidneys if the animal lived.
Trioxypurines which saturate animal bird and fish flesh causes gout, arthritis and kidney stones among other diseases, as they crystallizes in needle shape around the joints, jabbing them with pain. It also can line the arteries along with Alzheimer-engendering amyloid plaque, a byproduct of animal protein, and cholesterol or animal fat.
On its two acquired radio networks, Clear Channel and Bonneville, which like
other conservative radio feature white male warhawks, sportsjocks, and animal
flesh peddlers who cut off the voices of peace, environmental protection,
women's rights, the rights of animals etc., the LDS Church advertises caffein
or dioxypurine products as well as those containing trioxypurine. Such
concentration of power was illegal under original FCC rules.

28. FORECLOSURES In a taped interview with editors at a Las Vegas newspaper, Romney said governments should not interfere with the bankster fraud which has caused millions of foreclosures.

29. Mitt Romney supports lethal nuclear power and coal, promotes drilling in Alaskan wildlife shrines as well as offshore drilling and sending Canadian oil sludge through a pipeline to Texas, opposes wind power

WIND POWER OPPOSITION Romney who is heavily invested in earth destroying petroleum products wants to remove supports for wind power. Romney is doing the bidding of his supporters, the billionaire polluting Koch Brothers, in such opposition.

 link to www.chieftain.com

30. DRILLING IN ANWR in Alaska is supported by Mitt Romney.
31. NUCLEAR POWER Nuclear power is supported by Mitt Romney  link to www.thepoliticalguide.com

32. OFFSHORE DRILLING is supported by Mitt Romney

33. ROMNEY SUPPORTS A PIPELINE FROM CANADA called Keystone which Canadians have banned and which would damage fragile semi desert areas, add to pollution and harm wildlife.


35. CORRUPT CONTRIBUTORS TO ROMNEY include the billionaire Koch brothers and Karl Rove who through a Republican dominated Supreme Court are allowed to funnel without limit hundreds of millions of dollars of attack ads against other candidates. This is done through their secretive groups Crossroads and Americans For Prosperity.



I Abortion Do those who call themselves prolife and prowar object to abortion by bomb, the killing of pregnant women and their babies?

a. Mormon Church says those causing abortions will be disciplined

b. Romney becomes prochoice to become governor of Massachusetts.. Bain Capital owns

a company disposing of aborted fetuses

c. Then Romney becomes once again


II Detroit bailout


IV Health Care (Romney signed a Health Care bill in Massachusetts which is more far-reaching in percentage than the US plan

V on Assault weapons ban

On guns Romney once said "We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts. I support them".

VI Flip flop on global warming, saying he did not know what caused global warming (which is caused by massive tree destruction, car exhausts, bombs, nuclear power etc.)

VII Flip Flop on Ohio unionbusting bill

 link to hotair.com

VIII Romney supported the Wall Street bailout but not that of the car industry.

 link to www.infowars.com


Romney approves of Ben Bernancke's job at the unconstitional Federal Reserve


* Maureen Dowd writes that Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson tagged along.on Mitt Romney's trip to israel. Adelson has given nothing to the Romney campaign but 18 million dollars to the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and other groups running Obama attack ads.


The 'prolife' serially killing war rubber stamping 5 Republicans on the Supreme Court voted that money is speech, thus opening the way for the buying of elections through a constant stream of attack ads whose funders are not known, through paying a vast army of bribers and hackers. Hackers have attacked hundreds of thousands of anti Romney computers.

40. REPUBLICAN VOTE FRAUD Republican vote fraud through ownership of 'voting machine' companies such as Diebold, Election Systems and Software, Sequoia Pacific and others has arranged the theft of the presidency from Gore and Kerry, dozens of senators, over 100 representatives, numberless governors, mayors etc. This is the only country in the world in which one political party controls the vote counters. Many countries have gone back to paper ballots. Republicans have, as a minority party, interfered with the franchise through draconian voter ID programs, police at barricades, newspaper deception such as special editions in Democrat areas with false ballot instructions, constantly changing precinct voting places etc. The overseas military vote is the easiest of all to hack.



"Romney said he "didn't notice" that Utah had him listed as a resident and gave him a $38,000 break on his property taxes. Anyone think he would have noticed a $38,000 increase? Did he illegally try to claim both states as his residence in order to maintain eligibility to run for office both places? We'll never know, because he refuses to release his income tax statements." From makingpages.org


 link to www.washingtonpost.com


Maureen Dowd: "After the speech, Eric Edelman, a Romney campaign adviser, chimed in on ferreting out Obama leakers in a press release; unfortunately, BuzzFeed soon pointed out that Edelman "was implicated in the country's last major national security leak investigation the outing of C.I.A. agent Valerie Plame" when he served under former Cheney aide Scooter Libby in W.'s administration."



All of the candidates touted for vice presidential running mate have much baggage.

Marco Rubio's ethics violations are included in the article

 link to www.latimes.com " NYT: Rubio claims his family came to the US because of Castro's takeover.his official Senate biography had stated.In fact, his parents arrived in the United States on May 27, 1956, two and a half years before Mr. Castro took power, according to documents obtained by The St. Petersburg Times.

Rubio was a Catholic, then Mormon, then Catholic, and now Baptist and Catholic.

 link to religion.blogs.cnn.com

Rob Portman, Bush operative, wants 95.5% of the citizens of our national parks to move out of bullets' way so that the 4.5% of the population who are hunters can stalk terrorized animals in the woods, occasionally killing adults children and each other along the way.

45. EXEMPTION FROM WAR Conscientious objectors are given exemption from war because killing is a violation of their ethics. This is not so with Mormons who aggressively support illegal US wars. Why are Mormon missionaries given exemption when they approve of war?

46 ILLEGAL FOREIGN FUNDRAISERS? Romney's foreign fundraisers in London and
Israel may be violating the law which forbids soliciting from noncitizens.

47 CAUSED OLYMPIC RECORDS TO BE DESTROYED Romney's lieutenant, from Bain Capital,
a man who took over Romney's Olympic job, destroyed all Olympic records at
Romney's direction.




Can someone recall the original source of that story?




51. ASSOCIATION WITH OTHER BANKSTER CRIMINALS Romney's coordinator of the London fundraiser was one of the chief Barclay's bank officials implicated in fraud.

52. PERSONAL PROBLEMS Dr Norm Shealy in one of his many books suggested
that multiple sclerosis can be caused by unexpressed resentment toward a
dominant family member.

53. ROMNEY AND HEALTH CARE Romney often took credit for the Massachusetts universal health care coverage bill. In reality he had opposed the bill, and signed it only because he knew that an 85% Democrat legislature would override it. Romney has aligned himself to Republicans like billionaire Senator Frist, who rammed through the Senate a bill exempting multinational toxic vaccine making pharmaceutical companies from liability lawsuits and who helped bankrupt the US Treasury through outrageously priced prescription drug coverage.

ALTERNATIVE Recommended:  http://garyjohnson2012.com Twice governor of New
Mexico, Gary
Johnson supports immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan, a 43% cut in military
spending and decriminalization of marijuana, to name a few of his many issues.
He is on the ballot in 50 states and has already taken nearly 6% of the vote.
Warmonger media are ignoring his campaign.

Footnote: Writer of this article prays for all beings, but believes some presidential candidates should not become president.

Please multipost this article before Nov 7 2012

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On August 6, the Laura Ingraham Show was discussing voting rights in Ohio and censored Ohio democratic callers.

Author notes

Any part or all of the above article may be multiposted. For this particular article, no author attribution is necessary. Picture source:  http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/07/romney-bain-abortion-stericycle-sec

Romney quote: For an economy to thrive, a lot of people will suffer.

Ron Paul paraphrased: Money is taken from poor people in the US to be given to rich people in poor countries with which to make weapons.

"In an interview Wednesday, Eric Fehmstrom was asked about how Mitt Romney's political strategies would compare between the fall and now, if he were to sew up the Republican nomination. Fehmstrom suggested that Romney's policy positions would shift come fall. As Romney struggles to distance himself from his reputation as a political "flip-flopper", Fehmstrom said, "You hit a reset button for the fall campaign. Everything changes. It's almost like an Etch A Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and we start all over again."

* author has never met nor talked to anyone from the Gary Johnson campaign

homepage: homepage: http://garyjohnson2012.com

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