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VIDEO: Full Length Video from rally - march in Gresham for Police Accountability 8.5.12

Police accountability and Solidarity with the people of Anaheim Ca!
The full video from the march and rally in Gresham on 8.3.12
The complete full length video from this action which seemed to get the Gresham police swarming and hiding all along the march through Gresham is now online and available here.

 http://youtu.be/SLGXVUXsuME (1hr 47 min video)

Around 59:00 minutes into the video a cop drives alongside me and then points at me and tells me "I'm [was] in the traffic" when I crossed the street which had no cross walk. ?

Public safety and stopping crime? ...or just being an ass because he has a badge and a gun?

The city of Gresham probably wasted thousands of dollars following political free speech that is DEMANDING THEY BE ACCOUNTABLY

They seemed to be worried and offended and seemed to think spending thousands of city tax dollars monitoring the protest was acceptable and what their community wants. [I FRICKEN DOUBT THAT]

The more I see the more distaste I have for the oppressive and intimidating jack booted tactics that peace officer will use when it comes to documenting or holding them to be honest and accountable.
They are building more spaces for their compounds and interrogations so they can continue to abuse the community at will.

This was a shitty display of spying on political free speech that is spoken openly "to demand they be accountable" the police overreacted and is evident by this video clip.

PIMC posted related short clip here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2012/08/417319.shtml

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