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Video: Block Party - Liberated House Reclaimed Take Back The Land Event - Portland 8.5.12

A block party celebration for the liberated house of Alica's and the liberation of the land that was taken from her due to predatory loans and scummy bankers. A celebration in the street, with music food and speeches. The 'surprise' is announced that the house next door [built on Alicas land] is becoming a "community center" FOR THE PEOPLE.
The video opens (with the wrong date) and it was actually on 8.5.12 (correct date)

The video is about one hour long.


The police arrive at one point, and walk around, I dont think they knew of the "surprise" announcement or the "new community center" at the time they walked around. Later [I hear] they came back and arrested the one occupant. [see the related post on PIMC] here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2012/08/417256.shtml

The community group "Blazing Arrow" speaks on camera about this event, I also ask one of the organizers, why the (property on the corner) was taken by the scummy banks from Alicia and that 'interview' is near the end of the video (54:00)

There is a good review of this "action" posted on the "Occupier" website by Pete Shaw here:

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