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Sometimes the right petition signed by enough people everywhere can make such a compelling statement that it effects change. Please circulate this petition as far and wide as you can. It is time to begin demanding real change
 link to www.change.org

Everybody has the right to be secure in their person and property. The greed of these people has imperiled the world. They have sold bogus derivatives to the pension funds of the world and stolen people's life savings thus putting the world in a DEPRESSION. They have used this as leverage to cut social programs that some needed for survival. They have pushed for wars that make them money but threaten peace. We need Glass-Steagall reinstated and a clear message sent that the security of the world cannot be sacrificed on the altar of profits.

anok 09.Aug.2012 08:50


And you think that will solve anything? Weren't these practices being carried out to a large degree by the middle of the 1970's. You really are naive enough to think a handful of useless gestures aimed at reinstating rights you were never allowed, to go back to a place in history that never existed, is going to save the world and make you personally happy safe and comfortable? How old are you?