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Dennison Williams and Leah-Lynn Plante Resist Secret Grand Jury Investigation

After having their doors broken down by the FBI and property seized for a secret investigation, the "subpoenaed in Portland" have made it clear they will not allow themselves to be further intimidated by a broken system. They won't be appearing before a grand jury scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Statement by the subpoenaed in Portland

The two of us, Dennison Williams and Leah-Lynn Plante,were subpoenaed to the secret grand jury to begin meeting on Thursday investigating anarchists.

We are releasing this statement to make clear our intention to resist the grand jury. We will not co-operate with their investigation. If we appear before the grand jury, we will not answer any questions other than our names. If we are asked additional questions, we will invoke our First, Fourth,and Fifth Amendment rights. Under no circumstances will we talk about other people.

If you would like to join us, please visit:nopoliticalrepression.wordpress.com. There you can find out how to sign on to a solidarity statement, donate money to our defense and support campaign, and write us should we be imprisoned.

More importantly, though, you can show your solidarity by refusing to co-operate with any police force and encouraging your friends and families to do the same. The police do not protect us, and do nothing to bring justice to those who have been hurt by others. If we want real safety, and real justice, we need to continue creating liberatory alternatives to the state?s institutions.

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