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VIDEO: Standing In Solidarity With Anaheim Action #2 - Rockwood Precinct

The second rally in solidarity with the citizens of Anaheim, California. This action aimed to bring awareness of police abuse to Gresham.


A large community support group gathered in Gresham to rally and march for solidarity against Anaheim police abuse. This action now follows the last successful rally at the north Portland police precinct and aimed to bring community awareness of police misconduct to the neighbouring city of Gresham, where there are few community support networks. Gresham police were well aware of the march, roaming behind on sidestreets and parking lots.

This action took around 70 activists on a tour of the wasteful municipal expenditures of the city of Gresham, and great speeches were delivered along the way. Cameron Whitten, activists JoAnn Hardesty & Cindy Fisher, and Fred Bryant- father of Keaton Otis, an african-american young man who was controversially killed by police in a moment of panic and reaction by wary officers- spoke with emotion and clarity standing against police violence and misuse of force.

Video Link:

Solidarity With Anaheim Rally #2 @ Rockwood Police Precinct (Short Version)

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