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God, spirits, evolution, and semantics

(we are making it too complicated)
i tried posting this yesterday, but of course, the server was "temporarily unavailable".

I believe in evolution. I believe time (illusory, yes - perhaps time is simply our relative perception of the effects of increasing numbers of causes) is speeding up. I believe in the evolution of knowledge, of understanding - this explains the gradation of religious understanding. Many people believe the concept of One God to be an oversimplification; a way to obscure the ancient religions. I believe we are being lied to about our histories, religious or otherwise. One example of this would be the fact that what were previously known as spirits are being described to us in the English language as 'gods'. I believe our ancestors encountered a vast number of spirits, interacted with them and learned from them. I believe that everything that exists is light (although in varying speeds), and that everything exists within a unified field. The same way our planet Earth might be described as an organism (macro-organism?), our God might be described as the highest level of physical organization. Understanding the higher levels of cause-and-effect interplay was something our ancestors spent much time doing - the mainstream typically calls astrology heretical non-science, and delves into astronomy superficially, painting it as banal folklore. The obscuration of our collective awareness of these higher physical levels of energetic interplay is a way to obscure not only our cultural and religious histories, but also the science of cause and effect. Obscuring the science of cause-and-effect causes us to become more isolated within ourselves; many support such obscuration in the spirit of preservation of individualism. Perhaps their intentions win out over their actions; it is true that people who are isolated from the "stain" of external understanding will reach unique conclusions. However, it is ironic that as we continue to be isolated from the understanding of cause-and-effect, we continue to be inundated with messages and instructions that lead us to engage in anything but the uncommon. We exist within a paradoxy of outcomes; we march in diffusion towards both homogeneity and exception.