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Solidarity With Anaheim Action #2 - Friday 8/3 @ Rockwood Precinct

Last friday, community members held a rally at the north Portland precinct in protest of police misconduct and in solidarity against Anaheim police violence. This friday, they aim to take it to Gresham.


The trailer for the coming second "Stand With The People Of Anaheim" rally to follow the one in north Portland in which over 100 community members assembled, rallyed, marched, and gathered at the north precinct to protest police misconduct in Portland and Anaheim.

Video Link:

Anaheim Solidarity Rally - Rockwood Police Precinct

Event page link


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homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com/id24.html

If you guys would like an over-reaction 01.Aug.2012 01:48


Try the clackamas county sheriff. Their screening of deputies is lousy. Here's an example

Former Clackamas County sheriff's deputy loses credentials
 link to www.oregonlive.com

Also a few years back I met a drug dealer whom claimed to be selling drugs to a deputy while said deputy was on shift and in his patrol car. Than again as a rule of thumb it's been my experience suburban cops tend to be poorly trained and quick to use force.

Good March! 03.Aug.2012 22:42

Good Day!

It looked about 100 protesters showed up on 8/3/12 to the Gresham rally/march as the cops play hide n seek around the loud marchers, all went well with good informative speeches and donuts on a string.

This brought some needed attention to Gresham Police Accountability