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Statistics about gun control for the consideration of American citizens.
The Vatic Project
We reserve the right to be wrong, but WTH if we are right! July 27, 2012
Gun Control: Is it Necessary??? homicides and gun ownership in the USA.

Vatic Note: THESE STATS BELOW SHOCKED ME. We have more guns in the hands of civilian population than any nation on earth and one of the LOWEST MURDER RATES BY GUN.


Here is something I finally figured out based on all the research we have published on here and all the eye witness testimony and whistleblower testimony. THE KHAZAR ZIONISTS WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HOLOCAUST IN NAZI GERMANY and it began the exact same way as it is here, right now. Here is just one example..... there is more. It began with bankers selecting the leader, (Obama here, Hitler there), Then they populated his military and SS with Zionists. Everyone knows the same is true today with our Pentagon. There were also 150,000 zionist soldiers in HItlers army.... we did a blog on that.

THEN THEY DID GUN CONTROL AND DRAGGED PEOPLE INTO THE STREETS WHO REFUSED TO GIVE UP THEIR GUNS AND MURDERED THEM IN FRONT OF THEIR NEIGHBORS SO THEY WOULD GET THE MESSAGE THAT IT WAS A DEATH PENALTY OFFENSE WITH NO TRIAL, TO REFUSE TO GIVE UP THE GUNS. Did we not just read about Obama giving the orders to shoot anyone who refuses to give up their guns??? See? who Runs Obama? The zionist international bankers, the same ones in the military study in 1919 who determined they were a threat to the national security of the United states and they were right.

So you can see how these khazars infiltrate governments, committed unspeakable evil and then point the finger at the governments they controlled surreptitiously. I finally get it. They are doing to us like they did to the "Real Jews" who have had nothing to do with their evil satanic actions and plans. Using us as a front for their evil acts. Boy, I think its time for us to seriously revisit the entire Holocaust issue. I have no doubts many Jews were incarcerated, but I doubt 6 million of them were murdered..... but that is a rabbit hole I intend to go down.

This below was the final straw to put it all together. It highlights just how very safe we are as gun owners. Even if you take out the fact that most massacres by guns proved afterward to be a result of of a combination of dangerous psychotropic drugs, previous mind control exposure and involvement of the perp with either mossad, CIA, Homeland Security or a family member affiliated with same. This mans' father was a DARPA engineer and worked on "neuroscience technology", a nice term for mind control. The son probably was an experiment for the father, knowing he could retrieve him if he wished, unless the father was a psychopath. Then he would not care.

(ALERT FLASH; It appears Holms is a government assassin and now we must go searching for verification and will post it as soon as I confirm. If true, then this government has committed a high crime with a death penalty attached. They murdered 18 of their own citizens they swore to defend and protect, and wounded many more..... its also first degree because it was planned. This is serious folks. Big time!)

I guess they really do not want us to know these facts because then the sheeple will wake up and understand how our welfare is the least of the elites concerns as proven by the fact they are willing to "mass" murder us to get that agenda which "they say" is for our own benefit. Historically when they have done this very thing, it turned out bad for everyone except the zionist bankers.

I don't know about you, but I already have one set of Parents and I sure as hell don't need a second set called "the 'foreign infiltrated' US Government" If I want to commit suicide, I will do it myself and not have them do it for me.

Gun homicides and gun ownership listed by country
 link to www.guardian.co.uk

Where are all the guns? Handguns for sale in a shop, Idaho, USA. Photograph: Elaine Thompson/AP

The Aurora shooting has re-lit the arguments over gun control in the US.

How does the US really compare on firearms? The world's crime figures are collected by the UNODC through its annual crime survey. It has a special section of data on firearm homicides - and provides detailed information by size of population and compared to other crimes. It is not a perfect dataset - some key nations are missing from the data, including Russia, China and Afghanistan. But it does include the US, UK and many other developed nations.

The Small Arms Survey is also useful - although it is from 2007, it collates civilian gun ownership rates for 178 countries around the world, and has 'normalised' the data to include a rate per 100,000 population.
Laugh a minute: "Israel 'fears Iran Olympics attack'"

Vatic Note: Wow, what a coincidence. We just published a blog about a false flag at the Olympics and all the indicators that showed it was not only possible but highly likely planned to occur. It was an excellent analysis, so read this below and then reread that article here. See the difference between them. Very very interesting. Add to that the false flag mind control killings in Colorado that we also put up on the blog recently. That was an excellent analysis by Natural News. Good analysis and specific with facts. So why do they always want to kill people as a form of manipulation to get what they want? Are they so stupid they can 't come up with something creative that does not involve death and mayhem??? Guess not, its not in the satanic bible they use.

Security alone was one of the big indicators since there were holes as they said, that one could drive a truck through. I believe Israel is involved in security for the Olympics. Well, looks like they have decided to do in Brits this time instead of Americans like they did with 9-11, the USS Cole, the USS Liberty. etc. And numerous other assassinations as well. They did the one in Bulgaria. Whenever they are planning on doing something horrific to the globe, they do a false flag to keep our minds on other things.

Wonder how the British will deal with it when they discover the false flag was planned by none other than someone besides Iran. They say in the protocols they would use their own as well, if it served to achieve their agenda. This is exactly what they did in every single country in the middle east and then provocated rebellion just like they did in Russia in 1917. The problem with using the same plan over and over and over again, is someone is going to remember and recognize it when it rears its ugly head.... like now.

Report: Israel fears 'anniversary attack' at Olympics
Published: 07.22.12, 06:52 / Israel News

UK's Sunday Times reports of growing concern that Iran, Hezbollah may try to target Israeli athletes at London Games

Israel has voiced serious concerns that Iran may try to stage a terror attack against Israeli athletes competing at the 2012 London Games, the Sunday Times reported.

The coming Summer Olympics, which will kick off on Friday, mark the 40th anniversary of the Munich Games massacre, which saw terrorists kill 11 Israeli athletes and coaches. (VN: It turned out that it was CIA and other intel agencies that well may have set up the Munich attack to force Germany into a more war aggressive attitude they had lost after WW II and those "global" intel services, MI6, CIA, mossad may have directed the attack against Israel's athletes and coaches. This recent article about that event was a very real eye opening experience, and given what we know they have done similiarly in the recent past, makes it appear very credible. I hold no reservations about "who" would do a false flag at the London Olympics.)
US Army Preparing To Invade America - Martial Law

Vatic Note: Yeah??? well, BRING IT ON BABY..... we are sick of this slinking around like slimey slugs spreading your evil death and destruction and soul-less drivel into our media, entertainment, religions, schools, and TV screens. Its time ..... No, its past time, long past, since 1913, this has needed to happen and the first thing we need to do is GET THAT 32 TRILLION DOLLARS BACK FROM THOSE OFF SHORE ACCOUNTS AND DISTRIBUTE THE FUNDS BACK TO THE COUNTRIES IT WAS STOLEN FROM. The second thing we need to do is just like any rat hole, we need to get into those underground facilities and drag those rats out of their holes and encarcerate them until trial. Unlike them with respect to us, we will give them an opportunity to defend themselves.

My question is, will Russian and Polish troops be used and dressed as American troops? Or will they all be dressed in UN uniforms to "attempt" to fool us??? These soldiers have no idea and I pray they will not try to invade a foreign nation in an act of war, because that is what it is, when someone invades with weapons to impliment an illegal act of Martial law. We are legal and so far, they are not..... that gives us cover to do what MUST BE DONE. Old, young, women, men, everybody needs to show up for this.

My only question on this article is, "Which is it?" Is the military preparing to invade America, or is it preparing to "Arrest bankers" according to a different story I just read. Is this more deflection from fridays actions??? It won't work this time around. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET OUR GUNS WITHOUT A RESPONSE. You have always known this would be the "SECOND" shot heard round the world. If I am wrong about this, then I am wrong about Americans.

US Army Preparing To Invade America - Martial Law

9/11 is to the American government as the Reichstag fire was to the Nazi government, i.e. an opportunity to strip people from their basic rights and instill an authoritarian regime? , This is only the tip of the iceberg.

They want to implement Agenda 21. I thought this was a Conspiracy Theory until it showed up on the front page of my local newspaper. It is tyranny. This is no longer a government of the people and by the people.

Agenda 21 calls for an 80% world wide population reduction for population stabilization. The first people to go will be the patriots. There will be no warning. Middle of the night abductions.FEMA Camps all over the US.

Vatic NewsLetter
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Gun Rights: From the Black Panthers to the NRA 30.Jul.2012 11:02

Patrick Higgins

July 30, 2012

State Violence, Individual Violence

Gun Rights: From the Black Panthers to the NRA


Just as misplaced debates about civilian gun control were emerging in the wake of the massacre in Aurora, a billboard was raised in Idaho by a libertarian organization placing the face of the Aurora shooting suspect beside that of President Obama. The text surrounding James Holmes's reads: "KILLS 12 IN A MOVIE THEATER WITH AN ASSAULT RIFLE. EVERYONE FREAKS OUT." The text surrounding Obama's reads: "KILLS THOUSANDS WITH HIS FOREIGN POLICY. WINS NOBEL PEACE PRIZE."

The reaction of the Village Voice—"extremely offensive," one headline states—to the billboard is exemplary of the chronic softness of liberalism on issues of war. In the media overall, this softness has led to the current emphasis on civilian gun control, which is an emphasis that is now actively removing the spotlight from the violence of the state while increasing fear of the general public. Surely the Village Voice that hosted the late, great Alexander Cockburn would never have so unforgivably favored etiquette over truth.

Roger Ebert's New York Times op-ed piece promoting civilian gun control pulls the same trick, expressing nothing short of absolute horror at the idea of firearms "in public hands." A few lines down from there, Ebert strikes an especially gross note by telling a gun owner it would be better for him to move than to own a gun—as if the transition to safer neighborhoods were an option to which everybody has easy access.

The comparison to Obama is important to make. If Americans want to ask about violence in their society every time a shooting like the one in Aurora occurs, they must be prepared to take a principled stand regarding violence. And that means actual violence, not violence as it is staged in films. It is useful to consider individual violence in relation to state violence (whether perpetrated by drones in Pakistan or police officers in Anaheim). That is, if one overlooks, or is indifferent towards, or drafts apologia for the latter—the worse offender by leagues and leaps—one might not be in the best position to lament or even meaningfully analyze the latter.

It is clear that Americans are anti-war. It is not at this stage clear that that stance has anything to do with the violence war wreaks upon foreign civilian populations. Nor is it clear that Americans are at this stage prepared to form a mass movement against war. Billboards such as the one in Idaho certainly make for a start in the kind of awareness-spreading necessary for a mass movement.

Admittedly, the discussion of civilian gun control is difficult to have, because prominent articles like Ebert's don't mention specifics. All we get are loose clichés about how our gun laws are insane. But it's still safe to say that focusing on this issue misses the point. Mother Jones magazine is now predictably obsessing over civilian gun laws, but it did publish a good article in the aftermath of the weak sentencing of Oscar Grant's policeman killer, titled "Mehserle's Sentence in Perspective." The article specifically posited the harshness of civilian gun control laws as absurd in contrast to the sentence that was handed to Johannes Mehserle, the man in blue who put a bullet in a handcuffed man's back.

It is true that the argument made by the NRA about guns being a safeguard against tyranny is mostly rhetorical—but that's only because that U.S. government has so many weapons, and has expressed such a profound willingness to employ them, that the general public would never fare anything close to favorably in a showdown. Somehow, this reality fails to make me feel more comfortable about the idea of civilian gun control.

I've met many liberals who like to parade their virtue by spending countless minutes condemning (in the same fashion that Hillary Clinton, professional condemner of Syria and Iran, condemns), say, the Ron Paul Newsletters from the 1990′s. Then they will, at a later date, advocate something like gun control, never worrying that the entity to be tasked with the controlling-with kicking off a "War on Guns," so to speak-is essentially the very entity tasked with the War on Drugs and the War on Terror.

Of course, these kinds of wars tend to go over better for some groups than others. The gun control movement in North America preceded the founding of the United States; its express purpose was to keep guns out of the hands of blacks potentially interested in using firearms to defend themselves. When the movement did develop in the U.S., it followed in exactly that tradition, especially when slaves like Nat Turner decided that slavery just wasn't going to do anymore and proceeded to lay bloody waste to slave masters. [I]

The modern day gun rights movement was not pioneered by the NRA—although I admit it wouldn't matter to me if it had been—but by the Black Panthers, whose co-founder, Huey Newton, found genuine protective value in the Second Amendment at a street-level moment when some cops would likely not have otherwise hesitated to beat him to death. [II]

The formula for gun control seems pretty obvious to me. Less guns for the people who are most likely to need them, more guns for cops and soldiers and those sympathetic to them. This doesn't help.


[I] Clayton E. Cramer. "The Racist Roots of Gun Control." (1995)

[II] Adam Winkler. "The Secret History of Guns." (2011)

guns and control 07.Aug.2012 11:31

the colonial whisperer

Gun control means a steady hand.