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Video: Anti Police violence rally and march in Portland - Solidarity with Anaheim Ca!

This 5:30 PM event was in solidarity w/ recent shootings in Anaheim Ca.
The Rally was also in Support and Demand of Portland's own "Police Accountability" issues.
Over 150 people from the community joined on a march down MLK Blvd. and then back up the street to the Police Station for a few speeches and a rally by the front doors. The event was joined by dozens of "Bike Swarmers" who rode and walked in soldiarity.
 http://youtu.be/ymTQCTK0KGY - July 27 - Protest / March & Rally in Portland
[full video 58 minutes of march and speeches]

There was no police interaction, no police horses or military SERT teams lurking.
Numerous police [due to this rally probably being at a police station] were seen driving by or looking on from a distance.
There were lots of honks from cars and thumbs up from people of the community.

The loud march of bike swarmers and community activists, and people who cared, walked from the N.Precient... down MLK street to: where just last week I had filmed (with a group of mothers who were walking on a vigil for police {and mental health} accountability) the police gang unit who had pulled over 4 people of color and extensively were searching their new car, for no {good} reason and had found absolutly nothing! The march stopped at that same corner for a moment of silence.

That video from the MOMS walk is posted on indymedia  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2012/07/417098.shtml and also on my website.

The topic page on FaceBook for more information on "this and next weeks rally" at the Gresham police station can be found here:
"Stand with the people of Anaheim, CA! Part 2 Aug 3rd @ Rockwood"

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