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Romney in Israel- "Go Attack Iran- It's OK With Me"

Mitt overthrows U.S. foreign policy- Obama tels Israel USA has attack plan too.
Romney is nuts
Romney is nuts
Talk about loose cannons- Romney is rolling all over the decks, punching giant holes in the hull of his campaign boat. Now in Israel, he tells them if they want to attack Iran on their own, it's no problem as far he's concerned. "Sure, go ahead and instigate WWIII. I don't give a shit." That was his basic message. Did you know that Mitt and Bibi Netanyahu were business partners in a 'consulting firm' in the 70's? Obama has accommodated Israel, it's true. But Romney really caters to Zionism. But now it appears that Obama has told Israel that the US military has an "attack plan" for hostilities against Iran if "sanctions don't work". Seems that Armageddon is on the table as a campaign pawn by both candidates. Scare-eeeeeeeeee....

What's really funny is: 29.Jul.2012 11:51

Not that Anon

If the US, and Russia stay out of it there is not much of a chance of WW3. And if Iran had the bomb there would be almost no chance that Israel would have the ability to disrupt the entire region with all it's stupid 'bomb Iran' crap because if they did both sides would lose. Here's to hoping Obama and Romney are just liars trying to get support from crazy Israelis and behind closed doors they are a bit saner than their insane campaign rhetoric. But who knows, I doubt either man has a firm grasp on reality. Obama lives in the white-house security bubble and has no clue what real life is like anymore and just gets his advice from rich people and war-mad generals. And Romney from the sound of it never had a grasp on reality to begin with and believes Jesus came back to life in North America where he did some stuff with a bunch of tribes no archaeologist has ever heard of because it was written on some golden plates that only existed in the hallucinations of Joseph Smith. I'd say I'm scared but I just don't give a fuck anymore. We are living in a dis-economy of scale and it's really only a matter of time before the whole thing falls-in on itself anyway. I'm not even voting because, 1) ever since I turned 18 in 1998 I have voted and all anything in this country did was get worse and my vote never seems to make that deciding difference anyway. And 2) I don't want to run the risk of having all the debt collectors from Sallie Mae and all the crazy people with guns and uniforms figuring out where I live again. Also to the crazy people with guns and uniforms, give it up guys, all you are doing is defending other crazy people's money while you, your family and friends get screwed by the the so-called one percent and a bunch of lying politicians whose only real skill is sucking bribe money out of a bunch of assholes whom only care about stealing from the rest of us. Here's to another great year in 2013.

Don't Not Vote 29.Jul.2012 13:24

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

I agree that it makes no sense to vote for republicans & democrats at federal level, but if you vote third party, you make a statement. If more people did that, it would be a large statement.

Plus, voting can effect local progress, especially with referendums & initiatives. There will be important issues on ballots in OR & WA in november. Decisions will be made -- locally! -- ignoring & even defying DC.

For example, passing marijuana legalization in CO, OR, & WA would at minimum tell the feds: "YOU SUCK!"

So, register & vote!

@hls 29.Jul.2012 15:53

Not that Anon

Yeah, your right. Sorry, I guess I'm the one being bitter today. I'll work on that.