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Video: Stop Killer Drones - Medea Benjamin in Portland Oregon 6.30.12

When Medea Benjamin was in Portland she stopped by Occupy Portland to lead a presentation on "Killer Drones". This was filmed on June 30 2012 in Portland. Medea presented some slides and insight and then opened the conversation to the audience.
Before the discussion, David Rovics preformed three songs:
 http://youtu.be/PQGTkKlmoIo (video 11:00 minutes)

Medea Benjamin from Code Pink stopped at Occupy Portland to hold a discussion on Stopping Killer Drones. This was filmed in the cafeteria at St Francis church where Occupy Portland has office space. The last 1/2 of the meeting is where folks in the audience are able to share their thoughts on "drones".

Medea Benjamin - Occupy Portland - Stop Killer Drones 6.30.12
(VIDEO: 1 hour 38 minutes)

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