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Introduction and Training on Solidarity Networks Saturday!

The Portland Solidarity Network is sponsoring an introduction to and training on Solidarity Networks on Saturday, July 28th at 3pm at In Other Words Community Center on 14 NE Killingsworth Street. Members of the Seattle Solidarity Network - who have won more than 20 campaigns for justice for workers and tenants - will be putting on the training for the general public.
Building Communities of Resistance:
An Introduction to Solidarity Networks

Learn how to empower yourself and fellow workers
and tenants by joining a Solidarity Network!

Are you tired of bosses and landlords taking advantage of you and your neighbors?
Come hear how the Portland Solidarity Network is trying to organize workers and tenants
to fight back against instances of abuse, harassment, and exploitation.

Come to In Other Words Community Center at 14 NE Killingsworth Street (at N. Williams)
on July 28th at 3:00 PM for a presentation by members of the Seattle Solidarity Network.
They'll discuss the concept and role of Solidarity Networks, and will explain how
their organization has successfully won more than twenty campaigns for justice in the
workplace and residence.

phone: phone: (503) 446-6065