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Video: Obomba Visits Portland

Citizens of Portland lined up along the street one block from the Convention Center to voice their disapproval and dissatisfaction with Obomba Administration policies.

FONT COLOR="#6633cc">Obomba's Visit to Portland
Prohibited by an army of police from lining up on both sides of the street, many protesters stood on the street corner with the folks waiting to attend the fundraising event, making it difficult to determine the number attending to protest Obomba Administration policies. Yet, the number and diversity of signs brought the protest into focus and demonstrated a wide and deep dissatisfaction with the President.

This 15 minute video features interviews with people representing a majority of the issues present at the demonstration.

From Administration policies regarding marijuana prohibition to banning assault weapons; from present and possible future illegal wars to coal trains being proposed through northwest communities; from free trade agreements to the signing of the recent National Defense Authorization Act, the many well informed people I interviewed spoke passionately about their growing disappointment with this President.

Some of those interviewed were especially angry at blatant compromises and broken campaign promises. For instance, Obomba's promise to revisit the NAFTA Free Trade Agreement and his promise to back off from Federal persecution of State Medical marijuana patients. Both broken, aqnd on top of that, his Administration is seeking to pass further Free Trade deals which will compromise national sovereignty as well as environmental and labor protections.

Yet, as one young protester sadly noted, "unfortunately, I still have to vote for him, and there's no accountability. The other choice is just as bad if not worse." When pressed about the usefulness of voting, she says that "the system that America has for voting is so far gone, is so corrupted by the influence of money from lobbyists and corporations.....that I don't know what weight my vote carries anymore, because I don't have that kind of money and money is all that matters."

FONT COLOR="#6633cc">Obomba's Visit to Portland