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Aurora Police Chief Was Giuliani's Head of NYPD Intelligence

Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates finished his 21-year career with the NYPD in 2001 as the commanding officer of the department's Intelligence Division.
 link to 12160.info

I thought this piece of information might be telling, esp. when you consider some of the strange behavior of Holmes, such as telling police that his apartment was booby trapped. Check out this post:

 link to willyloman.wordpress.com

"I can't even begin to describe how stupid this is. The guy carefully plans out this attack, rigs up his home with EXTREMELY sophisticated explosives, sets a timer on his stereo to entice the cops in, somehow gets the closest possible parking space, goes in, waits, fakes the phone call, goes out, gets changed, WAITS 30 MINUTES or so for perfect cover for his attack, goes in, tosses distraction grenades, times his attack perfectly because he is out just as the cops arrive,... and then he just kind of hangs out in the car waiting to be arrested? And he warns the cops of the traps in the house set.. for the cops?!?"

Please stop 27.Jul.2012 15:04

Jennifer Michaels

You people are sick. There is no tragedy that you won't warp into whatever demented fantasy you people have. Along the way you don't care who's marginalized to satisfy your sick sad fantasy. From shooting victims and their families to ethnic groups to activists actually trying to do some real work you'll drag anyone and everyone into it. You only care about feeding whatever toxic perception of the world you have so that you can delude yourselves into thinking you matter, that you're special, and that others are with you. We're not. You should be ashamed of yourself. Despicable.

Honestly, I feel that some of you truthers are about a cats hair away from painting your hair red and carrying out actions like this. I'm not being facetious.

jesus 27.Jul.2012 15:57


I like how you guys are looking for conspiracy by calling out inconsistency in the actions of the shooter.

Did you miss the part where he is FUCKING INSANE? that might explain the inconsistency in his actions.

But no, lets bring perfectly relevant shit, like the Police Chief's former job, into the situation.

Classic Indymedia.

This Was A Conspiracised Disaster, Rather Than A Contrived Disaster 27.Jul.2012 18:34


The leet controlled media, and the leet controlled state invent impossible evidence around random major disasters, so they all appear to be conspiracy induced disasters. They thus become conspiracised disasters. That way, when they really do conspire to create convenient disasters, those conspiracised random ones obfuscate the contrived conspiracy induced ones. It's very easy to do, and there is never a lack of coincidental corroborating apparent evidence.

Theory and predictions 28.Jul.2012 19:48

Converse Murdoch

You seem to be insinuating that Oates is some evil mastermind that engineers chaos and slaughter. If this is true then he'll have to kill his patsy so that Holmes can never say anything to implicate him. If this is true then Oates is very good at what he does and is quite an asset to the New World Order mayhem team, and in the future he may be associated with other similar occurances. Time will tell.

Admittedly being a NY city cop is probable cause for suspicion but you're going to need something more than some vague insinuation to connect him to this. Right now the strangeness of the story can be simply explained by saying that Holmes is some flaming nut case.

Until you can come up with something more substantive it might be prudent to just put Oates on your watch list and keep an eye on him.

indy readers have spoken! 28.Jul.2012 20:52

it's time

it's time to axe the conspiracy , excuse me, "9/11 truth investigation" section of portland indymedia. one time it might have made sense, but it's turned into a rightwing antisemitic conspiracy fantasy free for all. kill it and put it out of our misery

" one time " / " it's time" 28.Jul.2012 22:55


" one time it might have made sense "

-- um, when (according to you 'it's time') exactly was that ?

if it never "made sense" -- as you appear to be insinuating -- why give it the sort of credence that "at one time" it "might have" ?

classic disinfo.

Indy readers have spoken ! 29.Jul.2012 11:53

Converse Murdoch

Indeed they have. There's over sixty pages of articles in that category. Do you think a coupla comments constitutes enough of a consensus to delete that section ?

If you don't like the topic why stop at Indymedia ? This 911 conspiracy stuff is all over the net. Contact The Dept. of Homeland Security and tell them the free for all has gone far enough and it's time to censor the internet.

"We must speak the truth about terror. Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th, malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty."
G.W. Bush speaking before the UN GeGeneral Assembly 11/10/2001

Umm, I'm not just some newcomer ... 30.Jul.2012 07:38

Jody Paulson

In fact, I've been posting on Portland Indymedia for over ten years, and I read it just about every day. If anyone knows the history of this site as far as 9-11 is concerned, it's me. Trust me, this subject is still relevant. If you don't like reading about 9-11, here's the solution ... skip over the link. That's all you have to do. But to people who have followed the false flag narrative for a while, it means something that Oates was head of NYPD's intelligence division in 2001.

History is important. If you don't learn from it, you are doomed to suffer for it. The same guys who were involved with Watergate and Iran-Contra were involved in the 9-11 "investigations" ... who were involved with lying us into war with Iraq, and it means something that this guy is in charge of the Aurora shooting investigation.

Guess what? The Aurora shooter's dad, Robert Holmes, is a player in the LIBOR scandal. But the media doesn't mention that. Gee, I wonder why not.

"James Holmes' father is absolutely linked to the investigation in the greatest financial scandal that the world has ever seen..The LIBOR scandal! Now, I must again ask anyone with any common sense... What are the odds that this shooter is the son of the one man who could blow the lid off of the LIBOR scandal and possibly see the criminals involved lose trillions of dollars? What are the odds?????" --  http://northerntruthseeker.blogspot.com/2012/07/northerntruthseeker-rant-for-sunday_29.html

You know, it behooves us to remember that the biggest mass shootings have been perpetrated by the state, and not some "lone nut." (Remember Wounded Knee?  link to www.washingtonsblog.com ) There was a reason the founders put the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution.

Anyone who has been on this site for very long knows I'm not right-wing. I consider myself a peace-loving independent. I've put in a lot of time on the streets working for peace and the restoration of our civil liberties, which I always thought were the ideals Portland Indymedia stands for.

PS, I tried to defend myself on this thread earlier in the week but I kept getting blocked. Again, there comes a point where you have to wonder ...

ALRIGHT Jody ! Way to go. 30.Jul.2012 09:37

Converse Murdoch

NOW this is getting interesting. The plot thickens.

The really big question here is what is this guys motive ? Who benefits from this ?

So if this does serve some purpose or other how do you talk some kid into doing this ? Does his father tell him " Hey I got a situation here would you mind creating a ruckus at the movie theater." Or is this kid being manipulated some other way ?

The New World Order Gang is very practial. They don't do shit like this just for the hell of it. One theory that might explain this is that this Libor deal is about to collapse the world economy and they need a pretext to start disarming the public. It's an act of desparation on their part and it seems kind of shallow and not very effective.

As you mentioned in one of your of your posts from years ago these guys like to kill two birds with one stone or burn the candle at both ends. Something to that effect. Right now this whole thing is still kind of murky. Thank you for the update, your efforts are appreciated. Keep going with this wouldja ?

@ Converse Murdoch 30.Jul.2012 11:46

Jody Paulson

Here's a recent article that suggests Holmes was drugged:

Batman Massacre: WHY and HOW and WHO
Written by By Grace Powers July 28, 2012

WOW !!! 31.Jul.2012 23:06

Converse Murdoch umlaut1@earthlink.net

That article certainly answers a lot of questions. I'm skeptical of everything and I was wondering if it's true that Holmes' father is going to testify in that Libor scam. I typed "Robert Holmes senate" into the news search engine at pandia.com and google and got considerable confirmation of this.

So a witness in a big money scam ends up with his kid in jail with a noose around his neck. There's no way in hell you can blow this off as a coincidence. These Libor scam-masters may think they're pretty clever doing this but they inadvertantly poured a lot of gas on the fire they're trying to put out.

I'm not real optimistic about Oates discussing this at his next press conference. Just having the public know about this could make a big difference. You did a great thing posting this. Thank you Jody.

Jody... you rock! 02.Aug.2012 10:45

*~free ~ })i({ ~ mind~*

Thanks for all the hard work. *Independent free-thinking-minds* are the key to helping find solutions for the multitude of CONNECTED problems facing us all today===> PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE... everything is connected in some way. It's good to *ASK QUESTIONS ALWAYS* when it comes to so-called "authority"/"institutions of power & control".
It's not a good thing to "blindly trust" those who have a repeated history of endless betrayals, lies and hypocrisy.

Always Question ALL so-called "Authority" and believe more in yourself and your own *Natural Intuitive Intelligence*.

The only way to learn from history is to study it. That way history doesn't repeat itself. Also-- it is the only way to prevent *<>~~~HISTORY REVISIONISM~~~<>* from occurring.
History always repeats itself when people 'forget the mistakes of the past'. This is a known FACT.

*<((>Speaking of 'Mistakes of the Past' and Musing On Them<))>* Learning about "history" from the "corporatized narratives/media" and "industrialized dogmatic institutions" is really not the most intelligent decision to make because THEY HAVE A HISTORY OF LYING ALL THE TIME for "PROFIT"(false). $$$$$

Destiny/fate is what we collectively CHOOSE TO CREATE. We have *FREEWILL* always.

"The FREE EXPRESSION of the hopes and aspirations of a people is the greatest and only safety in a sane society." — Emma Goldman

We don't have to be "mindless followers" of the corporate mainstream media. We don't have to be "mindless drones"——> we have freewill to have independent 'freedom of thought'. Our collective freewill *Stream of Consciousness* doesn't have to be dictated, controlled and made to be TOXIC by Corporate Interests/|\Corporatized "Intelligence". Mass bombardment/barrage of corporate news(entertainment?) and 'over-immersion' of constant 'corporate ideas' can become mentally toxic and harmful to 'critical independent thinking skills'. WE ARE ALWAYS 'FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS' ABOUT EVENTS THAT HAPPEN AROUND US IN THE WORLD IN WHICH WE ALL LIVE. Using our *own intelligence & independent thinking* (free from the shackles of 'dogmatic corporatized constraints') will help us to get a clear and cogent/logical idea of 'how the pieces fit together' that shape our *Collective WorldView*—-> which will 'in turn' enable us to get a clear view of the 'Big Picture' which will help us work together to help find solutions to UNPLUGGING the Corporate-War-System-State-MACHINE that is ***Fueled by Violence*** (among other things).

UPRISING— MUSE— THE RESISTANCE —>>>(with Lyrics)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTDwIN9oLvY&feature=related
NO USE FOR A NAME— "BIGGEST LIE" (R.I.P. Tony Sly)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uay8J9sdcEo

(>~~~*Solidarity, Resistance and LIBERATION ALWAYS*~~~<3
Always Question ALL so-called “Authority”.
Always Question ALL so-called “Authority”.
Use our collective *VOICE* as our weapon/|\tool of *CHOICE AGAINST VIOLENCE*.
Use our collective *VOICE* as our weapon/|\tool of *CHOICE AGAINST VIOLENCE*.

such comedy 07.Aug.2012 11:35

the colonial whisperer

The police have intelligence? Oh, please, give your head a shake.

Check this out Jody 10.Aug.2012 15:45

Converse Murdoch

 link to www.rawstory.com

Check out the comments too.