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Portland Shows Obama What Change Looks Like On 7/24

The clowns' come out for Obama at his last west coast stop for an aristocratic luncheon at the Convention Center.

StreetNews Report:

Hundreds of people turned out for the Obama fundraiser luncheon in Portland, about two thirds of them hardcore Obama supporters and Portlands elite paying thousands per plate in some cases, the other being true Portland progressive liberals. Many signs were held and dozens of supporters of Measure 80 (Legislature offering special federal laws to protect marijuana users/dispensaries) were speaking out publicly about cracks in federal law which make it harder for medicinal marijuana users to get their medicine. Security was high, and this year a complete four block shutdown of the Convertion Center property was enforced and the President's route (undisclosed, but weirdly started at the "Gateway Breakfeast House", my neighborhood restaurant) was heavily secured with Portland Police lining the the road all the way down the path (even blocking off freeway entrances). Many organizations including members of Occupy Portland and activist citizens made their presence known with signs and even one person wearing a papier-mache bobble mask of Obama. Portlanders showed out in numbers to stress their concerns, and the Portland Police Bureau was prepared with horse-back cops and riot police which were concealed behind the building. When it comes to remembering the nationwide journey, the President may find it hard to forget Portland.

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Portland Shows Obama What Change Looks Like

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