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Video: DAY 50 - Hunger Strike and Housing Justice - Full Video - 7.23.12

This is the full length video of all the speeches, interviews and more from the epic 50 Day Hunger (Cameron Whitten) Strike and Housing Justice event in Terry Schrunk Park on 7.23.12. The video is 1.hr 45.min - This video starts with the oppressive Portland Police on horses staring at the the protesters.
This is the full length recording from the event in Terry Schrunk Park on 7.23.12

Full Video: Day 50 Housing Justice Event


1 hour 45 minutes video

speeches - interviews - unwanted horse cops - music - solidarity and more

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

Blech 26.Jul.2012 17:15

Houseless advocate

What exactly did Cameron accomplish with this hunger strike besides giving the city and the Mayor a PR opportunity by accepting their empty gesture as real action? Anyone see the front page of the Portland Tribune today? The victory? An annual housing forum, in which housing justice advocates "might be invited." Fucking pathetic.