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Video: Copwatching M.O.M.S. and the Police - 7.23.12 Portland Oregon

Filmed on MLK Blvd. in Portland Oregon on 7.23.12
 http://youtu.be/xVM8--cs5xk (37 min video)

I was filming the M.O.M.S. group who were in the process of walking 100 miles to bring attention to the failed police and mental health system.
The 100 mile walk website is titled "And So We Walk" is located here:

The MOMS group has their website here:

I film and belong to the group Portland Copwatch yet I was not acting as a Portland Copwatch member when I was recording this. I filmed this as Joe Anybody, assisting the MOMS while publishing my work on  http://portland.indymedia.org/ and on my website www.joeanybody.com

Police accountability and civil rights are paramount in my community concerns. Feel free to share this video and the links. Be part of your community "watch the cops" and "make them be accountable".
Information on why the M.O.M.S are walking and the petition is here:

(the petition info is copied below)

And So We Walk.com
It's the slogan of MHRY cofounder Cindi Fisher, now leading a group of MOMS in a 100-mile trek to call attention to the urgent needs of those harmed by the mental health and justice systems.

Beginning in Portland, OR, Cindi's MOMS will join a gathering on July 24 at noon at the county courthouse in Vancouver, WA then walk on to their final destination - Western State Hospital in Lakewood, WA.

They walk for those like Ronnie, autistic and jailed at age 20 over a minor offense. Deemed incompetent to stand trial, he was forced into a cruel treadmill of isolation, deterioration, hospitalization, overmedication, then back to jail where the whole insane process began again. Now at Western, his right to fresh air and visitation are denied.

Hoping to re-invent communities as places of healing, Cindi and other moms ask the governor to begin by changing the way Western treats its patients.

Tell Governor Gregoire to join these moms in their walk to reform this broken system.

Regarding Police Accountability in Portland Oregon
Please be vigil and astute in demanding "police oversight by civilians" on our streets in "our city"
And please show community support for demanding the police obey civil rights and city laws, respecting the laws and privacy of all people in the city of Portland
Police Accountability starts with all of us in the community, by being a witness and a voice for justice and peace and to demand the city hold the police accountable and with transparency.

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com/id11.html