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Obama protest or How I was verbally attacked by right wingnuts

President Obama appeared at the Convention Center today for a quick fundraiser, where his supporters paid $500-1,000 to hear him speak. Over 100 protestors showed up and demanded an end to the wars, killing people with drones, and environmental destruction, a ban on assault weapons, legalization of marijuana and the erosion of our civil rights, as well as other issues.

On a personal note, I was verbally attacked by a group of right wingnuts, Americans for Prosperity, as I tried to photograph them on the sidewalk. One woman asked me who I was photographing for, and when I answered, "Occupy Portland," she immediately went apeshit. She shouted in my face to "Get the hell out of here! We don't want you here, why don't you go back to where you came from!" She went on screaming about how horrible Occupy is, "All you people did was to destroy Shemanski Park and cost us thousands of dollars to clean up!" I was naïve enough to try to reason with her by pointing out that in a real democracy, you don't throw people out just because they disagree with you, but I soon learned that they had absolutely no interest in having a reasonable dialogue. By then, several of them surrounded me, one of them was filming me with his video-camera although the screaming woman tried to block my camera the entire time. They were all shouting at me to get the hell out of there, how I started all the trouble, even though it was one [...]

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