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VIDEO: "EPIC Rally For Housing Justice" Brings Hundreds Together In Portland

On last friday (7/23), hundreds of people showed up in solidarity with the homeless and houseless as well as Cameron Whitten, who was on his 50th day of a hunger strike now without water. Both leading mayoral candidates spoke, and many of Portlands' most prominent activists were present.

Around 400 supporters came out in solidarity with hunger striker Cameron Whitten of Occupy Portland on friday. Cameron has been striking for over 50 days now and without water since July 1st. Two other Portland Mayoral candidates came out to speak onstage with one of them, Jefferson Smith, causing a angered response by the audience by cursing at one point and shaming the strike. He managed to get somewhat of an applause by the end of his speech. Charlie Hales seemed more timid and compassionate, but there is concern over his stance on progressive issues.

Portlanders stated that candidates and votes are no longer bringing true change. They marched from Terry Schrunk Park to City Hall to Occupy in solidarity with the homeless camped there and made their presence known by surrounding the building and holding hands in a vigil. Cameron Whitten spoke and said that he will be aiming for the 70-day mark now until he gets a progressive response from the city. Many supporters slept overnight at the City Hall vigil.

Video Link:

EPIC Rally For Housing Justice on Cameron Whittens' 50th Day Of Hunger Strike (short)

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