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Speak, but the people cannot hear

People obey the propaganda system and believe the authority it conveys, yet they rebel from its destructive oppression of the oligarchy, yet they dismiss (or ignore) fully expressed alternative ideas which are given fuller expression than is given to the authoritative science and math ideas which come from the institutions of oligarchy, and whose authority (with the public) can be attributed to its emergence from the propaganda system.
One can provide deep insights into both the structure of existence, ie physics and math, and the structure of society (mostly concerning the communication properties of language in the propaganda system, and the (true) state of human knowledge), but it cannot be understood by the public because people both believe in the social value which the propaganda system defines for them, and they are caught in the structure of Hegelian dialectic of opposites about which the language of the propaganda system is organized (pairs of irresolvable opposites which define what appears to be a complete context of thought, and which are used to divide the public) so that ir-regardless of the truths being expressed, in a paper, the public will not believe these truths, where the public cannot read and believe such truths, because the oligarchs control language and communication processes (through media, publishing, and education) and those who populate the upper-echelons of the institutions which represent social-value (who have been rewarded socially to be in socially powerful positions) where they express certain types of ideas which fit into the Hegelian dialectic of opposites, and they are ideas which serve the interests of the oligarchs.
Does one believe E Witten about physics, or N Chomsky about language, or does one "trust oneself enough to consider other ideas about physics or math or language." Whereas, Witten and Chomsky represent the voice of high-value provided by the oligarchs, and provided by the wage-slaves (ie Witten and Chomsky) who seek both recognition of their own personal worth (in the eyes of the oligarchs) and they seek to be in high society, the world where value is measured by the accumulation of money (or the accumulation of ounces of baloney).
The ideas of both Witten and Chomsky use the structures of language which are caught within the useless math structure of "indefinable randomness," the dominant aspect of precise technical language used in the oligarchy, and it is a completely useless pattern which carries no content of ideas. A bunch of high-falut'n gobblty-gook.
How is Witten's life different from the life of someone who helps strip-mine mountain-tops for coal? Both people are following the stories of the oligarchs, both people are coerced, by their condition of being wage-slaves, to believe these are the only stories in which one can believe, and neither are considering the stories of "equality and balance" provided to us by many of the "native cultures" of America.

There are many readers who claim to require documentation and authority, concerning any new idea. This is an idea developed by the oligarchy, whereas the oligarchy does not need to document any of its authoritative claims about math and science, it does not feel any need to justify its assumptions or its interpretations. However, the proof that a reader must take these new ideas at face-value is that a complete alternative to indefinable randomness and non-linearity is provided. A new context for describing existence is given, there are some identifications concerning (multiplicative) factors which exist between different dimensional levels and between subspaces of the same dimension which exist in the containment space, which need to be cataloged, but in fact, it is a more thorough presentation of a descriptive structure than is given by the authorities of modern science, string-theory is a muddle of gobblty-gook, yet it is taken as being authoritative, though it describes nothing, it is built upon abstract math patterns unrelated to measurable description. Nonetheless these same readers act as if there is something intrinsically true about string-theory, or particle-physics, or general relativity but though there may be some correlation between descriptive structures and observed data, correlations which are much more questionable than are the correlations between global warming and CO2 in the atmosphere, nonetheless, these oligarchically-authoritative languages are not useful, and cannot shed any light on the substantial problems such as "why there is a stable solar system?, or stable nuclei?" etc.

A paragraph is provided into the new range of thinking and/or perceiving which the new descriptive structure provides to the culture.

The oligarch "owners of society" control monopolies, which define the principle institutions in society, wherein social-value and social processes (what is enforced, and what is created) are defined.
These oligarchs are murderous, lying, thieves and they control language, thought, and value within society (mostly controlled through the propaganda system). They also control a highly organized system of terror and violence. The oligarchs can "do this" (control society through violence and theft) because people are afraid, and they do not trust (or value) themselves.
This is mostly due to the social organization imposed by the oligarchs (the owners of society), and this is all maintained by a very violent justice system and an arbitrary language (expressed as absolute [or scientific] truths) of the propaganda system, where this singular voice is maintained by extreme institutional violence.

The only way to break the cycle, is with new knowledge, which the public is trained to reject, so as to support their oppressors (What is wrong with Kansas? People vote against their own interests. People have faith in the "truth" provided to them by the oligarchy, thus they support their oppressors, instead of trusting themselves.).

Nonetheless, one is moved to continue to try to describe a truth, which, if listened to, it could break "the deadlock of no development" (which is causing the society to fail) because of the dominance imposed on the society by the oligarchy has destroyed the culture from which the oligarchy has stolen to acquire and maintain its own (selfishly designed) power.

This is an interesting idea about the capabilities of life.
Within an infinite-extent, coherent, spectral system (where infinite-extent spectral systems can exist in hyperbolic-space from dimension-two to dimension-ten) such a system, of odd-dimension and of an odd genus (ie a model of a living system) (such a system) can manipulate spectra (within itself) which are defined in, and confined to, an 11-dimensional, hyperbolic, "over-all containing space" (and within which infinite-extent models of life are allowed [due to their high-dimension] to occupy the higher-dimensions of the dimensional-hierarchy of containment, and spectral control). Thus, in such a high-dimensional, living, infinite-extent, coherent, spectral system, within which various lower-dimension spectral structures can be contained, so that within this structure the lower dimension spectral-systems can be neutralized (or shielded) from having spectral influences (or from being spectrally influenced from the outside spectral structures), by a process similar to the process which makes the nucleus and the electron-cloud neutral, and then these spectral-shields can be removed (where this is possible because of the great variety of spectral properties which an infinite-extent spectral system can possess, it can intend any spectral-value), and thus, a suddenly unshielded spectral-structure can influence (or can be influenced by) the external or internal properties of existence (or of the system).
That is, having a precise description of a spectral system's spectral and dimensional structure, ie containment and spectral hierarchy, [and thus a hierarchy of spectral type and spectral control] can allow one to spectrally modify one's own subsystem properties (eg making the subsystems charged, or making the subsystems neutral) [amongst many other things beyond our imagination, this could also explain the mundane process of moving one's limbs].
Here is an example of superior knowledge and its relation to life and creativity, but it is a part of high-dimensional structures, so it is difficult to pin-down such a description to a particular material existence. This is due to the dimensional containment hierarchy which can be related to different material existences in different material containing subspaces of the high-dimension (over-all) containing space, but the idea of materialism is that material exists in a fixed lower-dimensional structure, (but in higher-dimensions what does this mean? Contained within a fixed dimension, might mean "contained within any of a number of equivalent sub-spaces" which have the same dimension.)
Thus one needs to note that "Perceiving the world as it really is" (as stated by Buddha), is about perceiving higher dimensions and their processes, and this exists in a new context of existence.