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Warning: Content May Be Unsuitable For Some Readers High Dose Scopolamine

Torture is totally unnecessary! Just use scopolomine! Scroll down to the video!
World's Scariest Drug!
 link to www.dailymail.co.uk

Nothing new here 22.Jul.2012 02:01


Scopolamine is not a rare alkaloid. It can be found in Henbane/Hyoscyamus niger, a common weed in the western US. One of the dreaded witch herbs of the dark ages. It can be absorbed through any moist membrane. One method was for a "witch" to put a some on the end of her broom stick and "ride" the broom to other worlds. Rumors of people being robbed and/or assaulted are generally overblown.

Something VERY New Here! 22.Jul.2012 03:46


Scopolomine is one of the tropane alkaloids that occurs naturally in many plants of the nightshade family (Solanaceae). In low doses, it can be used for treating seasickness and as an effective aid in smoking cessation. In high doses, it can be used as an almost perfect "truth serum," and produces a semi-zombie altered state in which subjects can seem normal, although free will is totally abolished. In very high doses, it is an hallucinogenic deliriant.

The corporate media (certainly including Wikipedia) ALWAYS discounts its power as an agent that abolishes free will and which can be used as a perfect "truth serum."

Abducted hostages can be induced to tell all they know by the administration of this drug. So torture (which does not produce this effect) is never necessary. This is just one more of those little secrets that we are NOT supposed to know about.

main action 22.Jul.2012 05:52


Well blues, it's main action is amnesia. It basically deletes short term memory. It is used for surgery, with the mistaken idea that if you don't remember the pain then you didn't feel it. If you want to learn more about it look up some of the work done by R.E. Schultes or Dr. Duke.

from Dr. Dukes website. Do we really need the drama? 22.Jul.2012 05:56


Biological Activities

Allergenic Reference: M&R650
Amnesigenic Dosage: 600 ug/man/ivn; Reference: M29
Anesthetic Reference: MAR
AntiMeniere's Reference: M29
Antianoxic Reference: M29
Anticholinergic Dosage: 1.5 mg/kg orl rat; Reference: BBE M11
Anticonvulsant Dosage: 5 mg/kg ipr mus; Reference: BBE
Antideliriant Reference: MAR
Antidote (Anticholinesterase) Reference: M29
Antidote (Tetrodotoxin) Reference: ACM:411
Antiemetic Reference: M29
Antiherpetic Reference: EMP5:193
Antihiccup Dosage: 300 ug/man/; Reference: MAR
Antimanic Reference: M29
Antimeasles Reference: EMP5:193
Antimuscarinic Reference: M29
Antiparkinsonian Reference: MAR
Antipolio Reference: EMP5:193
Antisialogogue Reference: M29
Antispasmodic Reference: JBH
Antiulcer Reference: M29
Antivertigo Dosage: 500 ug/3-days/transdermal; Reference: M29
Antiviral Reference: EMP5:193
CNS-Depressant Reference: IWU
Cyclopegic Reference: M29
Dermatitigenic Reference: M&R651
Hyperkinetic Dosage: 1 mg/kg ipr mus; Reference: FT61:209.1990
Hypnotic Reference: MAR
Mydriatic Dosage: 1 mg/kg scu; Reference: BBE M29
Preanesthetic Reference: M11
Sedative Dosage: 0.5-1 mg/orl/man; Reference: WOI Dosage: 13 mg/kg scu rat; Reference: BBE
Tachycardic Reference: M29

Plant species with highest amount

Datura innoxia MILL. -- Thorn Apple; 675 - 3,850 ppm in Leaf;
Datura candida (PERS,) SAFF. -- Borrachero, Floripondio; 900 - 3,300 ppm in Plant;
Datura metel L. -- Hindu Datura; 340 - 3,235 ppm in Seed;
Datura stramonium L. -- Jimsonweed; 53 - 3,050 ppm in Seed;
Datura innoxia MILL. -- Thorn Apple; 935 - 2,340 ppm in Root;
Datura metel L. -- Hindu Datura; 1,750 ppm in Leaf;
Datura innoxia MILL. -- Thorn Apple; 1,660 ppm in Shoot;
Datura metel L. -- Hindu Datura; 1,170 ppm in Root;
Datura innoxia MILL. -- Thorn Apple; 670 ppm in Flower;
Latua pubiflora (GRIS.) PHIL. -- Latua; 315 - 400 ppm in Stem;
Datura metel L. -- Hindu Datura; 390 ppm in Stem;
Latua pubiflora (GRIS.) PHIL. -- Latua; 210 - 260 ppm in Leaf;
Datura innoxia MILL. -- Thorn Apple; 200 - 205 ppm in Seed;
Latua pubiflora (GRIS.) PHIL. -- Latua; 115 ppm in Seed;
Atropa bella-donna L. -- Belladonna; 40 - 88 ppm in Root;
Mandragora officinarum L. -- Mandrake; 30 - 50 ppm in Root;
Anisodus tanguticus (MAXIM.) PRASHER -- Zang Qie; in Plant;
Brugmansia amesianum (SCHULTES) D'ARCY -- Culebra; in Plant;
Duboisia myoporoides R. BR. -- Corkwood Tree, Pituri; in Leaf;
Hyoscyamus niger L. -- Henbane; in Seed;
Scopolia carniolica JACQ. -- Scopolia; in Root;

It's Not About Drama. It's About A Secret Mind Control Method 22.Jul.2012 11:37


If I were a betting person, I would bet that not one of those references in that huge list divulges the true power of the SECRET remote-control- human-drone effect of scopolomine. And I think there's a reason for that.

so, secret mind control stuff 22.Jul.2012 16:21


Sounds pretty out there, blues. Do you have any actual evidence for any of those claims?

Please provide facts 22.Jul.2012 19:37


Yes, can please give more information, rather than just accusations.

When you make claims like this and do not back them up with any references, it makes you sound a little unbalanced.

So please give me more information, so I can form my own opinions rather than just having to trust you blindly.

True mind control 22.Jul.2012 20:26


You want to really talk about the scariest mind control drug? Start warning everyone about the dangers of Television and the internet.

I Already Gave Information And Evidence 23.Jul.2012 03:02


I already gave information and evidence in the original article:

 link to www.dailymail.co.uk

You just have to scroll way down past all the text and photos to find the video. This video is also available directly on YouTube, but YouTube/Google requires you to fill out a form in a special screen "for your own protection":


I prefer not to provide any personal information to Google. I also have information from personal sources, but they are somewhat "shady," and would not be pleased if I were to post information referring to them.

wow 23.Jul.2012 07:55


posting articles from the Daily Mail as "evidence" is like posting articles from the weekly world news.

This just in, batboy is real.

Why Is It So Very Important To Pooh-Pooh This? 23.Jul.2012 11:28


If my assertion regarding scopolomine is incorrect, then no harm is done. On the other hand, if it's correct, people under the drug's influence can be made to do anything, commit mass murder, admit to criminal guilt, tell all secrets (no torture required), etc.

Funny how my post appeared at 22.Jul.2012 00:51, and the first pooh-pooh at 22.Jul.2012 02:01; that's just 2 hours and 2 minutes apart. The video is from YouTube/Google, but requires credentials to be accessed, and the U.K. Daily Mail video is simply a repost that can be viewed directly. So why question it's source?

So here is the deal blues 23.Jul.2012 13:11


if it is true I want to know about it, but you have to give better sources than youtube and "somebody told me".

I am not "pooh-poohing" (I hate that term), but I am forcing you to give me more information before I will make an opinion. If you cannot or will not give more information, then it makes you seem unbalanced to present such far fetched claims.

So you have to do better if you want to convince people of this "danger".

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